AFAD: '700 Earthquakes Occurred'

AFAD Earthquake Occurred
AFAD: '700 Earthquakes Occurred'

The Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency (AFAD) reported that after the 7,7-magnitude earthquake that took place in Kahramanmaraş, a total of 13.20 earthquakes had occurred as of 700.

In the statement made by AFAD, the following statements were included: “After the 7,7 magnitude earthquake that took place in Kahramanmaraş, a total of 700 earthquakes have occurred as of now. In the works carried out in the earthquake zone, a total of 98 thousand 153 personnel and 5 thousand 514 vehicles and construction equipment are working.

According to the information received from SAKOM, as of 13.20, 8 thousand 574 citizens lost their lives and 49 thousand 133 citizens were injured. As a result of the negotiations with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 5 personnel from other countries for help were sent to the disaster area. Total subordinate to Air Force, Land Forces, Naval Forces, Coast Guard and Gendarmerie General Command and General Directorate of Security; 309 ships and 10 aircraft/helicopters are operating in the region.

A total of 79 mobile kitchens/soup kitchens/ovens and field kitchens were delivered to the earthquake-affected areas by the Turkish Red Crescent and NGOs, with 66 catering vehicles. Soup, hot food, food, snacks and beverages are distributed to our citizens in the region. 516 personnel and 132 vehicles were sent to the region for psychosocial support services. For the shelter needs; 92 thousand 738 tents, 123 thousand 395 beds and 300 thousand blankets were transferred to the earthquake-affected areas.

Günceleme: 08/02/2023 18:42

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