Student Teacher Support System Launched

Student Teacher Support System Launched
Student Teacher Support System Launched

The Student-Teacher Support System (ÖDS), which aims to increase academic success by providing students with individualized education and teachers the opportunity to monitor their students, and to meet the needs in this field with content filtered by experts, was put into practice.

ODS, which was prepared by the Ministry of National Education in order to increase academic success by providing students with individualized education and teachers the opportunity to monitor their students, and to meet the needs in this field with content filtered by experts, will greatly contribute to equality of opportunity in education.

Question-based system; It is supported by textbooks, lectures, lecture videos and question solution videos. Thanks to the system, which provides students with access to various auxiliary resources, parents are also relieved of a significant economic burden.

What is the content and working principle of the system?

In the system, there are 62 lecture books belonging to 62 lessons at secondary and high school level, approximately 60 thousand multiple-choice questions, 2 thousand 550 lecture videos and 12 thousand question solution videos. The content in the system is constantly increased and necessary updates are made.

The system, which works according to an algorithm developed to identify the deficiencies and eliminate these deficiencies based on the questions solved by the students, supports the regular study of the students and advises them with textbooks and lecture videos when they need it.

Easy to use and user-friendly interface

All content in ÖDS is classified according to class, course, unit, subject and achievements. In this way, students can easily access the content of the course they want, while creating individual tests according to the difficulty levels they choose with simple steps. Students have the opportunity to solve these deficiencies by solving these tests and seeing their deficiencies with instant feedback.

Through the system, teachers can send homework to their students in 4 steps, taking into account the individual differences of the students. Teachers, who can follow up their homework through the system, can plan their lessons according to the deficiencies of their students.

How to Login to the System?

ODS, which has 3 modules: School Courses Module, Support and Training Courses Module, LGS/YKS Preparation Modules, can log in at “” address, teachers with MEBBIS passwords and students with EBA passwords.

The modules in the system content are as follows:

School Courses Module: In this module, Turkish, social studies, mathematics, science, English, religious culture and ethics courses for all classes of secondary school, as well as Turkish language and literature, history, geography, philosophy, mathematics, physics, chemistry, mathematics, physics, chemistry, There are contents for biology, English, religious culture and ethics lessons. While all classes and courses in the system are open to teachers, the classes and courses they belong to are open to students.

LGS and YKS Preparation Module: The LGS part of this module, which is open to the use of all teachers, is open to the use of 8th grade students, and the YKS part is available to 11th and 12th grade students. On the other hand, LGS sample questions published monthly by the Ministry of National Education, questions in LGS and questions in YKS, and video solutions of all these questions were prepared and added to the system. In the LGS module, the relevant courses of the high school entrance exam were classified according to the subjects of equal weight, verbal, numerical and foreign language in the YKS module. Students have the opportunity to prepare for these exams with the lessons and questions in the LGS/YKS module.

Support and Training Courses (DYK) Module: This module, designed to increase the efficiency of support and training courses, is open to students who attend DYK and teachers who work in DYK. Teachers can send the tests they have prepared to the students of the branches they enter at DYK as homework and can follow their progress by receiving instant feedback.

Students can get an individual test result report for each test they solve.

The system, which is designed in such a way that students can create tests as many as the number of questions they want from the course, unit and subject they want, at the level of difficulty they want, also offers ready-made tests for the students. Through this system, students can complete the assignments sent by their teachers while solving tests and recording them. In addition, students can receive individual test results reports for each test they solve, so they can evaluate their progress in their classes.

ODS has a structure that will identify the deficiencies of the students and direct them to the relevant sections of the lectured course books and lecture videos in order to eliminate these deficiencies. While teachers can see all the lessons and all the tests, they can send the tests prepared by the system or the tests they have created as homework to the branches where they attend their classes. Teachers, who can receive the results of the homework tests they send in detail, whether on a student or branch basis, have the opportunity to follow the individual academic success of their students and carry out studies to increase this.

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