10 Billion TL Support to Women Farmers

Billion TL Support to Women Farmers
10 Billion TL Support to Women Farmers

Within the scope of rural development and crediting programs by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, approximately 280 billion TL support was given to 643 thousand 10 female farmers, and thousands of people were employed.

Due to the importance of women in agriculture, food production and safety, every year 15 October is celebrated as 'World Women Farmers Day'. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry also supports women farmers with different programs by making positive discrimination in order to revitalize the countryside and revitalize production. Within the scope of rural development and crediting programs, 280 thousand 643 women farmers have been supported in rural areas and a grant of approximately 10 billion liras has been provided. Thousands of people have been employed with the projects developed by women farmers and supported by the ministry.


In this context, the General Directorate of Agricultural Reform affiliated to the ministry, within the scope of the 'Support for Development Investments Program' (KKYDP), 8 additional points for women entrepreneurs in cattle, sheep and poultry production in barn / corral and poultry production projects, beekeeping and bee products, handicrafts, aquaculture and silk. beetle tool/equipment procurement projects were given 15 points to make them stand out. With this program, 2006 million TL grant support was given to 2022 women farmers in 640-108, contributing to the investment of 240,7 million TL and employment of 2 thousand 50 people.

Within the scope of the 'Expert Hands in the Rural Project'; Women entrepreneurs graduated from vocational colleges or universities providing education on agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, food and fishery products, and women who are involved in agricultural, aquatic products and local products, medicinal and aromatic plant production and processing, storage and packaging of these products. Grants of up to Rs. In project evaluations, women were given priority by giving +100 points. In this context, 5 of the 2020 projects accepted in 98 were carried out by women entrepreneurs, a grant payment of 44 million TL was made. Although the rate of women applying to the project with positive discrimination against women is 4,4 percent, the rate of women implementing projects has reached 28 percent. Within the scope of the 'Support Program for Young Farmers Projects', 45 billion TL grant support was provided to 2016 thousand 2018 young farmers between 47-775, 1,43 thousand 28 of them were implemented by women and 783 million TL grant support was given.


Women farmers were supported by the ministry with a 5 percent premium discount on their agricultural insurance policies. In this context, from 2018, when the implementation started, until October 2022, 232 thousand 546 female farmers were given a premium discount of 668 million TL for 474 thousand 58 policies. As of 2023, studies have been carried out to increase the premium discount for women farmers.

Various supports and incentives are also given by the Ministry to turn the countryside into protected, living and productive areas. In this direction, a total of 12 women and 639 young people have been provided with services in the 'Rural Disadvantaged Areas Development Project' (KDAKP) and the 'Göksu Taşeli Basin Development Project (GTHKP). In this context, support was provided in the fields of sage fields, mushroom, strawberry, vegetable greenhouses, milking and creaming machines, textile machines, must machines, drying benches, smashing machines, beekeepers and shepherds' shelters as a contracted agriculture model. 4 percent support was provided to female-headed households, and 400 percent support was provided to women in very poor households. A special package was planned as 80 percent support for poor women. In line with this package, it is ensured that women receive education, have a job and increase their welfare level.


Support was provided to women and young investors in many fields from milk and meat production, aquaculture, processing of fruit and vegetable products to rural tourism activities, beekeeping and craftsmanship. In this context, the total number of female investor projects supported since 2011 has been 4 thousand 910, while the total investment amount for these projects has reached 5,1 billion TL in the same period. At the end of these investments, the amount of grants paid to women investor projects reached 3 billion TL, while the number of employment provided in the projects reached 12 thousand. 2010 million TL support was given to 2021 women until the end of 1095 in micro-credit applications that started in 11,8. While the upper limit of micro-credit is determined as 2022 thousand TL for 18, 20 percent of the loan is grant, while the remaining amount is paid back in 3 equal installments over 3 years without interest. In 2022, 30 thousand 402 TL support was provided to 300 forest villager women.


Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof. Dr. Vahit Kirişci also stated that women, who make up half of the society, have a special place in Turkey's ancient culture. Reminding that 'Bacıyn-ı Rum', one of the oldest women's organizations in the world, was founded and developed by the Anatolian Seljuks, Kirişci said, “Women have a very special importance for us in this sense.”

Noting that they put forward the vision that the only way to revive the countryside, revitalize and increase production here, is through rural development, Minister Kirişci said, “If we cannot keep women in the countryside, we cannot keep the family. In this case, we cannot achieve our desired production target. Therefore, our female farmers are of great importance in the realization of rural development.

Pointing out that they did not leave the word 'support to women farmers' in words, Minister Kirişci said, “If there is a woman in a project, we give additional points to it. Therefore, while we make up for our shortcomings and shortcomings in equality of opportunity for our female farmers, we are determined to continue our support for them to develop their entrepreneurial spirit at the point of positive discrimination, to be entrepreneurs, to operate in all agricultural production areas in the field, vineyard, garden, barn, barn and poultry.”

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