Public Transportation in Gaziantep on Eid Free for 4 Days

Free Public Transportation During the Holiday in Gaziantep
Public Transportation in Gaziantep on Eid Free for 4 Days

Trams and buses serving within the body of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality (GBB) will provide free service to all citizens for 4 days, including the day of Arafah, due to Ramadan Feast.

Trams and buses affiliated to Metropolitan Municipality Gazi Ulaş A.Ş will be free for all Gazi citizens between 1 May and 4 May so that citizens can visit their families, relatives and cemeteries throughout the city free of charge during the Ramadan Feast.

GBB Police Department will take the necessary controls and measures at stops and lines by working in coordination with traffic teams in order to maintain order in urban public transportation and to ensure that holiday visits are carried out smoothly and comfortably.

On the other hand, police teams will intensify their work as of the eve of the day and make food checks, allowing citizens to consume healthy food. In addition, the teams will take precautions against beggars, peddlers and unauthorized hawkers.

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