Mino Raiola

News of Mino Raiola's Death Denied

The Italian press wrote that the famous manager Mino Raiola, who was treated in the intensive care unit for a while, passed away. However, while sources close to Raiola and the hospital denied the news of his death, it was emphasized that Raiola's condition was critical. la [more…]

Prostate is no longer the Fearful Dream of Men

Prostate Is No More Men's Fear

Advances in laser technology have brought along effective, fast and comfortable treatment options compared to the old methods in the treatment of benign prostate enlargement, which has turned into a problem for men from the age of 40. prof. Dr. Hasan [more…]

Golden Suggestions for Healthy Holiday Desserts

Golden Suggestions for Healthy Eid Desserts

Şekerpare, kadayif, revani, baklava… Just a few of the desserts that decorate the holiday tables and are served to the guests… It is obvious that they are delicious, but beware! Missing the limit on sweet consumption can lead to unpleasant consequences! Acıbadem Kozyatağı Hospital Nutrition [more…]

Misconceptions About Toothache

Myths About Toothache

The prevalence of myths about toothache can also lead people to believe inaccurate information. While most of these myths are harmless, they can lead you to make wrong decisions about your oral health. About dental health [more…]

Pay Attention to These Precautions in the Pool

Attention To These Precautions In The Pool!

With the warming of the weather, the pool season has opened. Reminding that the measures to be taken in and around the pool will be effective in preventing possible accidents, experts said that swimming pools should be checked regularly, periodic maintenance should be done and [more…]

Is Public Transportation Free In Konya During Eid?
42 Konya

Is Public Transportation Free In Konya During Eid?

Konya Metropolitan Municipality took the necessary measures for the people of Konya to spend the Ramadan Feast comfortably and peacefully. Public transportation vehicles will provide free service during the feast; The parking lots belonging to the Metropolitan are on the eve of the feast day. [more…]

Year Warranty Opportunity for BMW i Owners

+3 Year Warranty Opportunity for BMW i Owners

BMW, for which Borusan Otomotiv is the Turkey representative, organized a campaign valid between 25.04.2022 and 06.06.2022 for the Garanti+ packages, which are among the after-sales services. With the Warranty+3 package, BMW-BMW i owners can extend their warranty period, [more…]