FANUC Robots Retain Their Power With Short Repair Time

FANUC Robots Keeps Up With Short Repair Time

FANUC, which has been the world leader in factory automation with more than 810 thousand robots it has produced since its establishment, continues to increase its growth potential in the European market. The long-term relationships he established with his customers are the "products" of his robots. [more…]

Haskoy Cemetery Road Made Comfortable
16 Bursa

Hasköy Cemetery Road Made Comfortable

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality has made the 6,5-kilometer road used for transportation to the Hasköy Cemetery, where burial procedures started in April last year, more comfortable with hot asphalt pavement. Rail system investments, new [more…]

School Partnership Program Begins

School Partnership Program Begins

To contribute to the education and training process with cooperation and support between schools, to develop the understanding of dynamic schools that produce and share, within the scope of reducing the differences between schools and ensuring equal opportunity by the Ministry of National Education, [more…]

Denizli Cable Car Expeditions Start in May
20 Denizli

When Do Denizli Cable Car Expeditions Start?

It has been announced that Denizli Cable Car and Bağbaşı Plateau, which was closed at the beginning of April due to maintenance and repair works in Denizli, will open on 1 May. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality to the city kazanDenizli, one of the most important centers [more…]

Karacahisar Castle Reveals in Eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

Karacahisar Castle Comes to Light in Eskişehir

Anadolu University sheds light on the history of Eskişehir and the Ottoman Empire with its archaeological studies at Karacahisar Castle, which will shed light on the founding period of the Ottoman Empire full of unknowns. In 700, the 1999th anniversary of the establishment of the Ottoman Principality, [more…]