Fasting is a detox for our body.

Fasting Has Detox Quality for Our Body

Stating that the intermittent nutrition brought by the month of Ramadan brings youth and health to the body, Prof. Dr. S. Şebnem Kılıç Gültekin said, “Our immune system, which provides body resistance during fasting, takes care of our body annually.” Ramadan [more…]

the law of choice has changed

Last Minute: Election Law Adopted

The bill that envisages changes in the Law on the Deputy and the Election Law, including the reduction of the election threshold to seven percent, was accepted in the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. Member of Parliament prepared with the joint signature of AK Party and MHP deputies [more…]

Great Action on Bursa's High Speed ​​​​Train Line!
16 Bursa

Bursa Train Walk Program Announced

The great struggle regarding the arrival of the high-speed train to Bursa continues! There is also Kemal Demirel on the train walk. In Bursa… Not mentioning Kemal Demirel when talking about the train, especially the CHP's march for the train. [more…]

anxiety disorder in the pandemic

Anxiety Disorder Increase in Pandemic!

Expressing that the pandemic is a period that we are not accustomed to for all of us, that does not develop under our control and that causes intense distress, Psychologist İ. Eylül Eyüboğlu said, “With this period, changes in everyone's life [more…]

Attention For A Healthy Ramadan! 8 Mistakes You Should Avoid During Ramadan

What to do from Iftar to Sahur

Since the month of Ramadan coincides with the spring months and the days are long, the hunger period is long. Since the time is long, eating and drinking during the time spent between iftar, sahur and these two meals [more…]

History Book of Cinema Censorship in Turkey Introduced
06 Ankara

History of Cinema Censorship in Turkey Book Introduced

The book “History of Cinema Censorship in Turkey”, which was prepared using the archive of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Copyrights, was introduced. Copyright General Director Ziya Taşkent at the promotional event held in the historical building of the Ministry in Ulus. [more…]

38 Kayseri

ASPİLSAN Energy is 41 Years Old

ASPİLSAN Energy has been supporting our country's foreign dependency in the field of energy systems since 1981, when it was founded with donations made by charitable citizens and organizations from Kayseri in order to meet the battery, battery and accumulator needs of the Turkish Armed Forces. [more…]

Kilometers of Coffee with Suzuki
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40 Kilometer Memory of Coffee with Suzuki

The Marmaris camp of Boostcamp, a sports brand that opened up to the world from Turkey, brought together 200 local and foreign bicycle lovers. In the camp, which was realized with the support of Suzuki, each cyclist met their own performance level for 5 days. [more…]

Fiat Egea Hybrid Models Hit the Roads
16 Bursa

Fiat Egea Hybrid Models Hit the Road

Hybrid engine versions of the Egea model family, which Tofaş played an important role in the product development process and whose production started in 2015, were put on sale in Turkey. Speaking at the press event where hybrid engine versions of Egea were introduced, FIAT [more…]