TEMSA and Skoda Introduced Their Electric Vehicles Together at BUS2BUS Fair

TEMSA and Skoda Introduced Their Electric Vehicles at the BUSBUS Fair
TEMSA and Skoda Introduced Their Electric Vehicles Together at BUS2BUS Fair

TEMSA and Skoda Transportation Group, which participated together at the BUS27BUS fair held in Berlin, Germany between 28-2022 April 2, introduced their electric vehicles developed within the scope of smart mobility vision. At the event, TEMSA MD9 electriCITY and Skoda exhibited their E'CITY model electric buses.

Skoda Transportation Group and TEMSA, which are among the world's leading companies in this field with their electrification efforts in recent years, participated together in the BUS2BUS Fair held in Berlin, Germany. BUS27BUS Fair, which was held on 28-2022 April 2 and is considered as one of the most important events of the year for the European bus market, was the first fair that Skoda Transportation Group and TEMSA attended together. TEMSA's MD9 electriCITY and Skoda's E'CITY electric buses were exhibited at the fair.

At the fair, marked by electrification, the world's leading bus manufacturers had the opportunity to exhibit their electric vehicles, while alternative fuel vehicles and high-tech charging systems that we will encounter in the coming period within the scope of smart mobility vision were also introduced.


TEMSA CEO Tolga Kaan Doğancıoğlu, who made evaluations on the subject, conveyed the importance of this event for them with the following words: “We, together with our sister company Skoda, did not exhibit only one vehicle at this event. At the same time, we showed our common vision of a sustainable future to all participants, customers and industry stakeholders. The future of public transport in the world is shaped on the basis of electrification. We see that electric buses are rapidly increasing their share in every country in the world. We expect this to accelerate even more in the coming period. We see protecting electrification and taking the necessary steps in this area as a responsibility of manufacturers like us to the world. We are very proud and happy that TEMSA and Skoda have become the symbol companies in our sector with their sense of responsibility, strong technological infrastructure, high production capabilities and the decisive and consistent stance they have taken in this most important field.”

Tanya Alttman, Skoda Transportation Group Senior Vice President of Bus Solutions, said: “After the break caused by COVID-19, we are very happy to take part in this fair again and present the modern solutions we have developed for the city and the city. The potential of the German market for our Group is enormous. However, there is a very serious demand for innovative solutions in ecological and economic terms. We believe that we can help cities achieve their climate change-focused goals with the products we develop. In addition to the trolleybuses, electric buses and diesel city buses in our current portfolio, we are also working on alternative fuel vehicles. In this context, we will introduce our own hydrogen bus, which we will test in the major cities of the Czech Republic, at the end of this year.”


With the agreement, which was completed in the last quarter of 2020, TEMSA was transferred to the partnership of Sabancı Holding and PPF Group. As of today, 50 percent of TEMSA shares are held by Sabancı Holding and 50 percent by PPF Group.

Operating under the umbrella of the PPF Group, Skoda Transportation Group is one of the leading companies in Europe in the production of electric vehicles, low-floor trams, trolleybuses and metro wagons. On the other hand, E'CITY model electric buses bearing the Skoda brand and some of which are produced in TEMSA facilities also contribute to the public transportation activities in Prague today.

TEMSA, which has exported more than 66 thousand vehicles to 15 countries around the world, is among the world's leading companies in this field with 4 different electric buses that it has prepared for mass production. TEMSA branded electric buses are on the roads today in countries such as the USA, Sweden, France, Romania and Lithuania.

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