İzmir City Theaters Will Say Curtains for Children

Izmir City Theaters Will Sing Curtains for Children
İzmir City Theaters Will Say Curtains for Children

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality City Theater's (İzBBŞT) first children's play “Robinson Learns to Dance” will meet its audience on April 23, National Sovereignty and Children's Day. After the premiere, the play can be watched at İzmir Sanat throughout the season.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters (İzBBŞT), which was founded with the vision of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer to make İzmir a city of culture and art, and whose General Artistic Director is Yücel Erten, is “Robinson Learns to Dance” for children after three consecutive plays. says curtain. IzBBŞT, which plans to give a gift to children with the play that will premiere on April 23, National Sovereignty and Children's Day, will continue to be on the stage with this play throughout the season.

Hatice Altan is the director of the play written by Swiss playwright Hansjörg Schneider and translated into Turkish by Namık Ünlü and Cemal Ünlü.

Free on April 23

The premiere of the game, which explains the importance of friendship, and that music and dance are among the most beautiful colors of life, will be free of charge on April 23. Tickets for the plays that will be staged after April 23 will be available at the box office and at izmirsehirtiyatrolari.com.

About the game

Robinson, who was shipwrecked on the island, declared himself president of the island and forbade music, dancing and singing. Robinson, who made friends with a local he met on the island, named this stranger "Friday" and wanted to raise him as a soldier like himself. But Friday, who lived free for years, escapes these pressures. Left alone again with Friday's escape, Robinson begins to think about pressures and prohibitions. Repentant, Robinson searches for Friday with Huligali Bird and Parrot, whom he chased before because they sang and danced. Realizing the value of freedom and creativity thanks to Friday, Robinson does not want to leave the island where he was unhappy before because he is happy now.

İzBBŞT continues to meet its audience with Azizname, Tavşan Tavşanoğlu and Mor Salvar plays.

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