Slices of Peace Bread Sent to Biden and Putin

Slices of Peace Bread Sent to Biden and Putin
Slices of Peace Bread Sent to Biden and Putin

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer, Esenler Municipality organized the “23. He participated in the International Peace Bread Festival.

Speaking at the festival, Minister Özer celebrated the holiday of children in Turkey and all over the world, reminding that the National Sovereignty and Children's Day will be celebrated enthusiastically on Saturday after a long break.

Expressing that it is a great coincidence to be together today, both for the week of April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day, and for peace, Minister Özer said, “Because Ramadan is the month of being together with other people's problems. This National Sovereignty and Children's Day, dedicated to children, is a message of love, peace, justice and brotherhood to the whole world. said.

Stating that bread is sacred in all faiths, Özer continued as follows:

“This is a very meaningful message given to the whole world by the Esenler Municipality by uniting the children of the world with the bread that is sacred in all faiths. This civilization; Our civilization values, which are the most important nourishing norms of this land and this geography, is a civilization that focuses on the spread of peace and well-being all over the world. Because, according to the values ​​of this civilization, 'The best of people is the one who is most beneficial to people.' says. The people who grew up in this civilization; They are the representatives of peace, the doves of peace.”

“I wish peace to prevail all over the world”

Explaining that the message that Esenler Mayor Tevfik Göksu has consistently addressed to the whole world for 13 years is the message of peace and well-being, which is the most urgent need of the whole world, Minister Özer said, “It is very important to start, but it is much more important to continue. What we need most as a country, as a society, is to make good things sustainable. Our Esenler Municipality is making one of the best examples of this today. It has been consistently bringing our children from the geography of the heart to Esenler for 13 years, giving the message of peace, love, security and well-being to the whole world.” used the expressions.

Özer congratulated the children and youth coming from abroad and said, “As you know, Atatürk did not only present this holiday to the children of the citizens of the Republic of Turkey. Gifted to all children of the world. I congratulate these children on the 23rd of April. On the occasion of the bread of peace, at a time when wars, migrations and environments where children are victims are widespread, I wish peace to prevail all over the world on the occasion of this event.” he said.

Minister Özer kneaded peace bread with children

Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya, Esenler District Governor Adil Karataş, Esenler Mayor Mehmet Tevfik Göksu, invited children from TRNC, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Romania, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Iraq, and some students and teachers from schools in the district attended the festival.

Later in the event, Minister Özer, Governor Yerlikaya and Göksu wore aprons and added Turkish yeast to the flour and water brought by students from abroad and mixed them in the dough kneading machine.

Bread slices sent to Biden and Putin

The prepared bread dough was baked in the oven set up on the stage. The slice of bread cut by Minister Özer, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, the slice of bread cut by Governor Yerlikaya, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and the slice of bread that Göksu cut was delivered to the PTT vehicle in the event area by the students to be mailed to US President Joe Biden. .

Minister Özer and his entourage also inaugurated the Peace Wall in the festival area. The event ended with folk dance performances by children from the guest countries.

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