5th Stop Hisaronu in Izmir Tourism Information Offices

Hisaronu Tourism Information Office Has Been Opened
5th Stop Hisaronu in Izmir Tourism Information Offices

The fifth tourism information office was opened in Kemeraltı Hisarönü as part of the ongoing efforts of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer to bring 4 million tourists to the city annually.

The works of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to increase the tourism potential of the city continue without slowing down. The fifth office was opened in the Hisarönü region of Kemeraltı within the scope of the “Tourism Information Offices” project included in the Izmir Tourism Promotion and Strategy and Action Plan and the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Strategic Plan.

Both information and work office

The lower floor of Hisarönü Tourism Information Office, which consists of two floors, was prepared for information activities. The area, where Turkish and English promotional brochures, guidebooks and promotional films about İzmir and Kemeraltı are located, was designed in accordance with the visual identity of İzmir. On the upper floor of the building, a team consisting of the personnel of the Tourism Branch Office continues to work.

In the last year the city kazanyelled

The Pakistan Pavilion, Alsancak Cinema Office, Konak Square and the Tourism Information Office were opened at the entrance of Kemeraltı, which were previously located in Kültürpark in İzmir. Five offices in Izmir in the last year kazanyelled.

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