Construction Sector Turns Its Eyes to the North of İzmir

Construction Industry Turns Its Eyes To The North Of Izmir
Construction Sector Turns Its Eyes to the North of İzmir

Stating that the construction sector in İzmir is oriented towards the northern axis of the city, General Manager Bora Arslan, one of the Founders of 444 Real Estate Investment Consultancy, said that the region is preferred for its transportation facilities and earthquake resistant ground. Bora Arslan stated that the construction industry is concentrated on the Çiğli and Menemen axis due to the fact that there are more land alternatives on the northern sides of İzmir, and that the housing prices in the region have increased by more than 2 percent in the last 200 years.

Explaining that as 444 Gayrimenkul, they offer professional solutions for both residential and commercial areas, Arslan said, “The north of İzmir, especially the Çiğli axis, has become one of the rare places where the city can expand. The fact that the ring road, Izban and the tram line are located in the region play a big role in this. In addition to having an earthquake-resistant floor, its proximity to both industrial zones and educational institutions is another reason for preference. The region continues to attract the attention of investors from both Izmir and metropolitan cities such as Istanbul and Ankara.


Giving the information that they have undertaken the sale of an important land in Çiğli, General Manager Bora Arslan said, “We offer an important investment opportunity with a total of 3 thousand square meters of land in Çiğli Aydınlık Evler region. The land also stands out with its city and bay views. Since it is ready for construction, construction can be started immediately. It is possible to build a site consisting of 24 villas and each floor can see the sea. It also offers an important opportunity with its solid ground and location advantage to the ring road, Anadolu Caddesi and Mavişehir. The value of the villas offered for sale in that region is around 4-5 million TL. A land that is also an opportunity for investors. Although it has been on sale for a short time like 1 week, it is in high demand.”

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