Nilüfer: I Didn't Get On The Marmaray

Nilufer, I Didn't Ride the Marmaray
Nilüfer I Didn't Get On The Marmaray

One of the successful names of Turkish pop music, 66-year-old famous musician Nilüfer was caught on camera with her daughter Ayşe Nazlı in Nişantaşı the previous day.

The musician, who has not been around for a long time, has made a sincere confession. Nilüfer, like Ajda Pekkan, said that she never used public transportation and was curious.

Nilüfer is also wondering about Marmaray

Nilüfer, Ajda Pekkan's, “I never got on Marmaray.” Upon being reminded of his words, “I didn't get on either, what should I lie? I can't use public transport very much.” used the phrases.

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