President Soyer Distributed Seeds in Kars, Landed in the Field and Planted

President Soyer Distributed Seeds in Karsta, Landed in the Field and Planted
President Soyer Distributed Seeds in Kars, Landed in the Field and Planted

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer distributed seeds to the producers in the Susuz district of Kars and then planted in the field. President Soyer said, “Today, we do not only plant wheat and barley seeds. We are actually planting the seeds of unity, friendship and brotherhood. We will harvest a wealth and abundance that gives one thousand to one million," he said.

Within the scope of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer's vision of “Another Agriculture is Possible”, the helping hand reaching Kars became a remedy against the drought in Susuz district. Planting was done in Susuz with the seed support project organized thanks to the solidarity bridge stretching from the west to the east of Turkey. While the damage caused by the drought in the Susuz district of Kars was overcome hand in hand, seeds of fertility were scattered on the soil. On the second day of the Kars program, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, who attended the seed distribution ceremony in Susuz, went down to the field and brought the seeds together with the soil. Metropolitan Mayor Soyer also visited Cilavuz Agricultural Development Cooperative.

Surprise with poetry for Soyer

Producers showed great interest in Soyer at the seed distribution event held before the planting ceremony. Producer Semaha Hangul, in her speech here, said, “We have invested money in the Turkish Grain Board and our seed will be planted on the 25th of May. What should we do with the seed given on the 25th of May? God bless our president. He delivered seeds to us by saying, 'The situation of the farmers is very bad'. President Soyer said, “We are also trying to cure a problem, a wound. I hope it will be helpful." Another producer, Mustafa Ahmetoğlu, thanked Soyer for the help given to Susuz by reading the poem he wrote.

“In fact, we are planting the seeds of unity, friendship and brotherhood, not wheat or barley”

In his speech at the seed distribution ceremony, President Soyer said, “We distribute wheat and barley seeds to our producers in Susuz. There are nearly 130 tons of wheat and barley seeds we sent from İzmir. Today, we will not only plant wheat and barley seeds. We are actually planting the seeds of unity, friendship and brotherhood. Therefore, when the harvest comes, we will harvest a prosperity that gives one thousand to one million, not one to two, three to one, but a blessing. Then we will gather this democracy together. We are very excited, very happy. These are not only seeds but also an indication of the solidarity and brotherhood between the two cities, the hand reaching across Turkey, and the open heart. I wish it to be fruitful, I wish it to be an occasion for no child to go to bed hungry next year.”

“We have come to bring hope”

After the distribution, they went to the field to be planted. Speaking here, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “What we have done has turned into a little more holiday and celebration today. Indeed, Anatolia is such a geography that we are getting ready for the harvest in İzmir, and we came here for planting. We live in an extraordinary geography where harvesting is possible on one side and planting on the other. And this poverty, this drought is a picture that none of us deserve. Rest assured, this is not destiny. Because they transferred the fertility of these fertile lands to them so that someone could siphon them. They impoverished the small producer here. It was a political, political choice. We are living the consequences of this choice in Anatolia today. The poverty and drought we face are the result of completely wrong agricultural policies, not a destiny. That's why we say 'another agriculture is possible'. Our villagers and producers, who are fed with the abundance of these fertile lands, continue their peaceful lives in the lands inherited from their ancestors for hundreds of years, and continue their lives with a healthy and happy life, have come to the point of giving up production and slaughtering their animals. While we were bringing wheat and barley seeds, we actually came here to cultivate hope. Because we know it's possible. If we join hands, we will succeed. This is possible if you change these wrong agricultural policies and practice in favor of small producers and peasants. What did Mustafa Kemal Ataturk say? The peasant is the lord of the nation. Why did he say? Because he knew that if he could create a self-sufficient economy, a country would not be in need of outsiders, and then the way for development and growth would be opened. What have we done to our villager? We were crushed in front of a Tunisian, Moroccan, Canadian producer. We import lentils from Canada with zero tax. Why don't you reset the manufacturer's tax here? What kind of head is this, what kind of choice? All of this will change. We are capable of changing all of this. 'Another agriculture is possible'. Again, as the sons of ancient culture in these lands, we will establish the days when we will live with a smiling face, health and peace together.”

“Thanks to İzmir, we produce better services for you here”

Susuz Mayor Oğuz Yantemur said, “The hand reaching out from İzmir today has been a great support for our people to meet their own and their animals' needs in the coming winter. I would like to thank our Mayor of Izmir, Tunç Soyer, for the realization of this campaign and its success. Not only this issue, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality supported us in every subject. Thanks to them, we produce better services for you here.”

Thanks to Izmir

CHP Kars Provincial Chairman Taner Toraman said, “We are going through a heavy and important process. We are living in a period in which poverty, poverty and prohibitions accelerate. Every day, we experience the cost of living that shatters the hopes of our villagers, workers and young people. The price hikes coming every day made us tired.” Mayor Toraman also thanked for the support from the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality.

“Watch and watch İzmir”

CHP İzmir Provincial Deputy Chairman Polat Manduz said, “We thank our İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer for his hope and solidarity with you. We are proud of it. There is an İzmir that competes with the central government with its projects. Our request from you is to observe and watch İzmir. The work of our mayors there is a role model for our government in the future,” he said.

Who participated?

In the program to Mayor Soyer, Susuz Mayor Oğuz Yantemur, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Tugay, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Advisor Güven Eken, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Agricultural Services Department Head Şevket Meriç, Republican People's Party (CHP) Kars Provincial President Taner Toraman, Ardahan Mayor Faruk Demir, CHP İzmir Provincial Vice Presidents Yıldız Yılmaz, Saniye Bora Fıçı, Cumhur Dereli, Kazım Özdemir and Polat Manduz, Ardahan Damal Mayor Ergin Önal, Ardahan Hanak Mayor Ayhan Büyükkaya, CHP Kars provincial administrators, district heads, women and representatives of youth branches, CHP Ardahan provincial administrators, city council members, neighborhood headmen, producers.

What was done within the scope of support to Susuz?

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality delivered 32 tons of barley seeds and 74 tons of barley and Ceyhan-99 seeds, which can be grown in the region, to the Susuz Municipality, through the Department of Agricultural Services and the İzTarı company. A total of 4 tons of seed aid was given to Kars, together with 130 tons of seeds and other supports under the leadership of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, one of the district municipalities in Izmir.

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