Sunflower Bicycle Valley Hosted Its Little Guests

Aycicegi Bicycle Valley Hosted Its Little Guests
Sunflower Bicycle Valley Hosted Its Little Guests

Bicycle riding trainings organized for students by the Metropolitan Municipality were held in the Sunflower Cycling Valley, accompanied by professional trainers.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues its education for students. Cycling trainings held in Sunflower Cycling Valley were held in company with professional trainers. During the trainings held in the Sunflower Cycling Valley, one of the most modern facilities in Europe in the field of bicycles, the little students both learned and had fun. Approximately 200 students, including Mehmet Sadık Eratik School, SAU Foundation College, Kaynarca Kulaklı Primary School, received safe cycling training in the trainings that took place in certain periods. A series of trainings were given to the students, who had fun to their heart's content, on bicycle recognition, safe bicycle riding techniques, and what to pay attention to when using a bicycle in traffic. Students also had the opportunity to get to know the facilities that hosted many international champions throughout their education.

Trainings will continue with certificates.

In the statement made by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, emphasizing that the trainings will continue, “With the holidays of the schools, summer school trainings will be opened for secondary school students in the Sunflower Cycling Valley. Students who successfully complete these trainings will be awarded a certificate. The fact that our students receive education in such a huge facility will also make a significant contribution to becoming a professional cyclist in this field in the future.

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