MEB Completes Investment Program Studies for 3 New Kindergartens

MEB Completes Investment Program Studies for Bin New Kindergarten
MEB Completes Investment Program Studies for 3 New Kindergartens

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer announced that all of the 3 thousand new kindergartens to be built in order to increase the schooling rates in pre-school education have been included in the investment program. Minister Özer stated that the provinces, districts and lands have been determined, that the interior equipment of the schools and the need for teachers will be met by the end of the year, so that the targeted point will be reached quickly.

Expressing that as the Ministry, it is their priority to increase the schooling rates in pre-school education, Özer emphasized that the schooling rates in basic education, secondary education and higher education have increased significantly in the last 20 years, approaching the averages of OECD countries.

Noting that they are working to improve the schooling rates in pre-school education, Özer said, “We started a new preschool education campaign to achieve this goal. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a statement that 3 new kindergartens and 40 new kindergartens will be opened. This process continues very successfully.” said.

Minister Özer stated that they aim to reach the 14-year-old schooling rate from 3 percent to 50 percent, the 35-year-old schooling rate from 4 percent to 70 percent, and the 78-year-old schooling rate from 5 percent to 100 percent by the end of 2022, and shared the following information: So far, we have put into service 112 new kindergartens and completed the tender for 264 new kindergartens. In line with our target of opening 40 thousand new kindergarten classes in order to increase the schooling rate, we have put into service 8 thousand 145 new kindergarten classes so far. In our last statement, we said that 2 kindergartens were included in the investment program, and land works were continuing for 500 of them. I would like to explain here that we have included all 500 kindergartens in the investment program. These studies were finalized; lands, provinces and districts were determined. In order to conclude this process quickly, studies are continuing intensively in our provincial national education directorates in 3 provinces.”

12 thousand children got kindergarten in the countryside

Özer reminded that they reduced the criteria for opening a kindergarten from 10 to 5 in rural areas, towns and villages where the number of students is low, and said, “Thus, we brought our 12 thousand new children to kindergarten. With the steps taken at this point, we have increased the schooling rate for 78-year-olds from 5 percent to 90 percent. The process continues very successfully. We have a 10% barrier left. By the end of this year, we will easily reach 5 percent schooling rates at the age of five. Our work has been completed, from now on, tenders and buildings will be made quickly. We will quickly reach the point we aim for by the end of this year by meeting the needs of schools and teachers.” he said.

Pointing out that the new kindergartens and kindergartens opened will increase the schooling rates for the ages of 3-4, Mahmut Özer said, “Therefore, our schooling rate, which is 3 percent in the 5-40 age group, will exceed 75 percent and reach 80 percent. This is a very difficult goal to achieve in one year. When we set this goal, while the number of independent kindergartens across the country was 2, we set our goal to build 872 thousand new kindergartens within a year. We're going way ahead of schedule at the moment." used the phrases.

The lands of all 1.000 kindergartens to be built in Istanbul have been determined

Pointing out that they are planning to make the majority of kindergarten investments in Istanbul, Özer said, “We will build 3 of the 1.000 independent kindergartens in Istanbul. The process started with the construction of 100 independent kindergartens in Istanbul under the patronage of Ms. Emine Erdoğan. The lands of all 1.000 kindergartens to be built in Istanbul were determined. Therefore, we have no problems with the process.” he said.

Minister Özer stated that with the completion of the necessary studies, a significant progress and improvement will be achieved in pre-school education, as in other levels.

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