Indispensable for the Summer Season Goorin Bros Fedora Hat Types

Giving Up the Summer Season Goorin Bros Fotr Hat Types
Indispensable for the Summer Season Goorin Bros Fedora Hat Types

The word fed is a word that has passed from French to Turkish. The fedora refers to both a felt used to make things such as hats and flowers, and a hat made from this felt. So it has two meanings. Fedora hats started to be used in the 20th century and the first purpose was to protect the head from the wind and all the negative effects of the weather. It also provides practicality for users in terms of folding when not in use. As it is seen how useful it is day by day, different and remarkable models have started to be produced.

The fedora, which became fashionable after it began to be worn in American movies, has become indispensable for men. Every time we encounter fedora hats, which are featured by fashionistas from time to time, we see those who do not compromise on their elegance decorate their wardrobes.

Fedora is another name for the fedora. It is the most indispensable accessory of street fashion. It is produced from straw, wool, felt and camel hair. The fedora has varieties such as bowler, cowboy, panama, trilby, homburg, western, stockman. Although all of these models are very similar to each other, they are all different. But people prefer to call them fedora hats because they look alike.

What Are the Types of Fedora Hats?

Panama Hat Model:  In fact, the fedora hat is produced as a summer hat, but thick fedora hats are produced in winter. The fedora hat models produced for winter are called panama felt hat models.

Cowboy Hat Pattern: The difference from flat fedora hats is that the edges are more curved. Cowboy hats are also available in pity and winter models.

Bowler Hat Model: The top of the bowler hat model is curved outward and the fabric is hard. The brims and the length of the hat vary according to the size you prefer.

Fedora Hats Heading From Men's Heads To Women's Heads

Regardless of the model of the hats, their initial production purpose was to protect people's heads from cold or heat. Since its function is very important, those who shape fashion over time and people who care about their style have worked to diversify the hats and to ensure that they are suitable for everyone's taste.

Fedora hats are hats that are worn in the summer. These hats, which are produced to protect your head from the negative effects of the sun in the summer heat and to provide shade to your face, have ceased to be an accessory worn by men over time and have become an accessory used by women fondly.

Firstly, fedora hats, which were produced with short ends, grew to suit people's taste and style over time, and fedora hats produced especially for women began to grow.

Use of Fedora Hat in Turkey

The use of hats in Turkey started with Mustafa Kemal Atatürk's hat revolution. With the hat revolution, Mutafa Kemal Atatürk wore a fedora hat and pioneered it as in every other issue. Süleyman Demirel, who became the 9th President of Turkey after Atatürk, set an example to the public by using a fedora.

The fedora hat was frequently used by both politicians and television stars, and the public was encouraged to wear these hats.

Enjoy the Summer Season with the Comfort of Fedora Hat

Just as it is correct to use berets in winter and necessary to warm people's heads, fedora hats are the same necessity in summer. Fedora hats, which protect the head from the harmful rays of the sun and meet the need for shade, are a must for the summer season.

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