TEMSA Continues to Share Dreams in Education

temsa continues to share dreams in education
temsa continues to share dreams in education

The “Dream Partners” project, carried out by TEMSA with its employees, has completed its 8th year. Touching the lives of hundreds of students with its support for education, the company finally presented tablets to 61 students in Kozan and Aladağ regions affected by the fire at a ceremony held with the participation of Adana Metropolitan Municipality.

While TEMSA continues to contribute to the Turkish economy with its value-added production and exports, it also pioneers Turkey's social development with its support for education. The “Dream Partners” project, which started out in 2014 with the fund created by TEMSA employees and has turned into a major social responsibility movement with the support of volunteer TEMSA employees, continues to raise awareness in the field of education.

Within the scope of the project, students affected by the fire were visited in Kozan and Aladağ districts of Adana, the production center of TEMSA. At the ceremony held at Akdam Secondary School with the participation of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, 61 students were presented with tablets to support their distance education.

Erhan Özel, Deputy General Manager responsible for Human Resources at TEMSA, drew attention to the sensitivity of education and said, “Now, as companies and individuals, our responsibilities towards the world, soil, environment and humanity have increased much more rapidly. We are proud of the point that our project, which we started on a voluntary basis within the framework of this vision, has reached today. To date, we have touched the lives of hundreds of students and teachers. This success belongs to each TEMSA individual who acts with a sense of unity and togetherness.

Today, we are here again for a project that serves a special purpose. We wanted to create a little motivation for our children, who were perhaps most affected by the fire disaster we faced in the past months. As TEMSA, we will continue to support our students with the vision of creating value by developing sustainable social responsibility projects in the future, as always.”


“Dream Partners”, a social responsibility project supported by TEMSA employees on a voluntary basis, started in 2014 when TEMSA employees supported village schools with the funds they created. Continuing its activities with the support of volunteer TEMSA members, the TEMSA Dream Partners project turned into an association in a short time in order to reach large masses. Continuing its activities as TEMSA Dream Partners Association, the project has implemented more than 40 activities in total, including improving the physical conditions of schools, supporting books and stationery, providing shopping opportunities for village school children, purchasing educational equipment and materials since its establishment.

The association, which signed a cooperation protocol with the “Needs Map Platform” in 2016, supports those in need by identifying areas of joint work and solidarity in meeting the needs and creating support areas through the Needs Map platform.

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