National Combat Aircraft will be in the skies in 2025

national combat aircraft will be in the sky
national combat aircraft will be in the sky

Production of parts for the National Combat Aircraft (MMU) continues. TUSAŞ General Manager Temel Kotil gave information about the National Combat Aircraft (MMU) Project. Kotil said that significant progress has been made in the project.

Production continues

Stating that MMU has accelerated the production of parts, Kotil said, “One thousand of our engineers are working feverishly. Hopefully, we will introduce MMU in 2022, we will take it out of the hangar in 2023, and we will fly it in 2025," he said. Noting that the warplane will consist of 20 thousand parts, Kotil said, “At the beginning, a ready-made engine will be used. Then the domestic engine will be activated. The air conditioning system will also be manufactured by the companies of our country”.

Planes compatible

Kotil pointed out that the training plane HÜRJET will be in the skies in 2023. Pointing out that this aircraft was produced with the company's own resources, Kotil said, “We are building both HÜRJET and MMU at the same time. These are compatible with each other. Our training aircraft paves the way for us to train personnel and develop technology for our warplanes.”

takes off in 2025

Sharing the details about ATAK 2, Kotil said: “This is an 11-ton helicopter. We started to build 3 for our Land Forces Command. It will perform its first flight in 2023. We will present it to our Land Forces Command in 2025. This is very, very important. We are building a utility helicopter using the power system (transmission system) of ATAK 2. This will be the best in its class. This one is shorter, there is a ramp behind it. He can easily get on the ship. Therefore, this helicopter will be very useful for our Naval Forces Command. He will take 19 of our soldiers to the shore, to the ship. It can be used anywhere. It will fly in 2025 and will be presented to our Naval Forces Command in 2027.”

Helicopter will be in demand

Kotil also stated that 3 GÖKBEY will be delivered to the Gendarmerie General Command.

He reminded that the production of helicopters continues. Kotil said, “The certificate flights are about to end. The certification process will be completed until the delivery,” he said.

Temel Kotil, as TAI, 2 per month; He noted that they plan to produce 24 GÖKBEY per year. “GÖKBEY is a helicopter that will sell well,” Kotil added.

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