IMM to Organize Istanbul Themed Tour in the Years of Captivity

Ibb will organize an Istanbul themed tour during the years of captivity
Ibb will organize an Istanbul themed tour during the years of captivity

Istanbulites go on a free tour of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality with the theme “Istanbul in the Years of Captivity” in the historical streets of Beyoğlu and Fatih. The occupation and liberation days of the city are being remembered again.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Culture Department will organize a tour themed "Istanbul in the Years of Captivity", which focuses on the occupation of Istanbul and the resistance organized against it. The tours will take place in the 98th anniversary of its liberation from the occupation, accompanied by expert guides who are members of the History, Culture and Tourism Guides Association. The days of captivity and resistance during the occupation years of the city will be remembered again with the stories of the places.

The quota of the tours, the first of which will start on October 9, was limited to 20 people, and was filled in a short time by history and Istanbul enthusiasts. The new application date for the tours, which will continue every weekend throughout October, will be announced on the social media accounts of the IMM Culture Department. Participants will be determined according to the order of applications.

The tour, which started in Beyoğlu on October 9, will continue on October 10 in Fatih. The new application for the tours, in which the first week trips are filled, will be made online at


In the "Istanbul in the Years of Captivity" tours, important turning points related to the days of occupation and the liberation struggle will be told in places that witnessed those days. 'Where did Atatürk stay in Istanbul during the occupation years, what did he do', 'What did the city's landmarks witness during the occupation years', 'How did the people of Istanbul under occupation support the national struggle', 'Where and how was the resistance against the occupation organized in Istanbul' Many questions such as 'Why are the Fatih and Sultanahmet Meetings important' will be answered with a journey through the venues.

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