How Much Are Gold Prices Today? How Many Coins In A Gram Of Gold?

how much is gold prices today
how much is gold prices today

Gold is one of the most invested mines in our country. Due to the large number of gold investors, the latest status of gold is also being wondered. Gold, which has been on the rise in the past days, has also become the choice of new investors. So how much money is a gram of gold? Quarter gold price? How much is half gold? October 18 gold last minute! How did the golden week start?

Gold slid from the $1.800 mark as investors focused on reducing asset purchases and US Treasury yields rose. Gram gold, on the other hand, limited its losses with the rise in dollar/TL despite the decline in global gold prices.

Gram gold reached the peak of this year by closing the day at 530 TL with the rise in dollar / TL and global gold prices last week. Starting the new week around 526 TL, gram gold limited its losses as the dollar/TL reached 9,26 despite the decline in global gold prices.

The ounce of gold, which recorded a rapid rise after the US inflation data, which remained high last week, climbed up to $ 1.800. U.S. Treasury bond yields rose, while the price of gold fell to around $1.762 an ounce, as expectations for an asset purchase reduction schedule weighed heavily on pricing since Friday.

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