HİSAR Air Defense Missile Systems in Practice

HİSAR Air Defense Missile Systems in Practice
HİSAR Air Defense Missile Systems in Practice

By the units of the 2nd Army Command, “Field Exercises at the Beginning of the Year of Activity” were carried out. The HİSAR Air Defense Missile System, Leopard 2A4T1 modernization and TASMUS (Tactical Field Combat System) were the highlights at first glance, in the video slide of the Ministry of National Defense regarding the exercises on social media.

The air defense missile system, which is thought to be HİSAR-A+, and the Leopard 2A4T1 were systems that had been expected to show themselves in the field for a while. In addition, the T-155 Storm Self-Propelled Howitzer, ACV-15 and M113 were also featured in the footage of the exercise.

Although the type of HİSAR missiles used is not specified, it is highly probable that HİSAR A+ missiles were used, considering the carrier platform being a truck and the dimensions of the missile canisters. HİSAR Air Defense Systems were developed locally and nationally in cooperation with Aselsan-Roketsan as the Presidency Defense Industry Presidency Project. The warhead was developed by TÜBİTAK SAGE. The system, which has 360-degree efficiency, can engage and fire 6 targets at the same time. While the interception range of the HİSAR A+ System is 15 km, the interception range of the HİSAR O+ System reaches 25 km.

HİSAR, which has the ability to work in all weather conditions; It is effective against warplanes, helicopters, air-to-ground missiles, cruise missiles and armed/unarmed unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV/SİHA). Designed in accordance with the current needs and threats in our country, which has strategic and critical facilities, HİSAR will be a serious power multiplier in the country's air defense.

After the Missile Launching Systems working in coordination with the Firing Management Device in the HİSAR A+ Project and the missiles entered the inventory, the Self-Propelled Autonomous Low Altitude Air Defense Missile System (Autonomous HİSAR A+), which includes all the necessary subsystems to be able to function alone, was also delivered. Thus, all elements of the HİSAR A+ System were delivered to the Turkish Armed Forces.

Autonomous HİSAR A+ will perform the air defense mission of armored mechanized and mobile units. The system comes to the fore with its ability to move in difficult terrain conditions, change positions quickly, short reaction times and perform a task alone.

Another new system that showed itself in the field was the Leopard 2A4s modernized by ROKETSAN. After the modernization, the first 2 of the tanks, named Leopard 4A2T, were delivered to the TAF in December 2020. A total of 40 tanks are planned to be modernized within the scope of the project. Ballistic tests of the new armor to be integrated into the tanks were carried out between July and December 2019, and it was emphasized that full protection was provided in all fire tests.

Source: defenceturk

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