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laser cutting machine They are extremely important machines used in many fields in our country and in the world. One of the first mechanisms that come to mind when we say laser cutting machine is fiber laser cutting machine. The fiber laser cutting machine is among the laser cutting machines that use the fiber laser manufacturer as a light source. Fiber laser cutting machines perform the cutting process by creating high energy and density with laser beam and is a type of machine that is rapidly developed in the world. This machine performs the cutting process by focusing on an ultra-thin chamber. Fiber cutting machine is used in many fields. Fiber laser cutting machine has a different working principle. This machine has a different working principle than the laser sources used in carbon dioxide laser cutting machines.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Usage Areas

fiber laser cutting machines contain elements such as ytterbium neodymium thulium, which are rare in nature. Thanks to these elements, fiber laser cutting machines move with doped fiber amplifiers that provide continuous light amplification. It is also found in sources such as roman scatter or 4 wave mix that provide fiber laser power source.

The laser cutting machine is generally used when marking metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, brass, gold, silver, bronze. On the other hand, fiber laser cutting machines also have the feature of making a permanent marking system on leather, rubber and plastic materials. MVD is one of the leading organizations operating in this field in our country. The company is an organization run by a successful son of a father who implemented the first kadayif machine in 1950 and successfully inherited the flag. The organization aims to ensure the continuity of machine diversity and continuity. The company provides services to approximately 90 countries around the world.

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