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Linkedin Remote Work
Linkedin Remote Work

LinkedIn is a career platform where you can highlight your professional business life, experiences and competencies. The rapidly increasing number of users and the active recruitment processes of Human Resources specialists on LinkedIn increase the importance of this platform day by day. By signing a great innovation, the company remote worklaunched a new feature that makes it easier to use. Users can now work remotely with temporary work arrangements without entering into any formal employment contract. The Microsoft-owned platform competes directly with companies like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr.

The pandemic has brought the world through one of the most devastating labor market changes in recent history. LinkedIn reports that the number of people switching to their jobs is increasing at an unprecedented rate. In fact, it's more than 50% higher than last year. And the transitions are more pronounced in women. They experience about 10% more transitions than men.

This feature has similar features to both its competitors (Fiverr and Upwork), but it has a twist: Businesses can search for freelancers, compare rates, and share posts for freelancers to respond. Post-project businesses can leave comments on individual freelancers. It is not yet clear how much LinkedIn will charge for commissions. Fiverr takes 20% off every transaction when a job is completed, and Upwork has service fees ranging from 5% to 20%.

This is a natural evolution for LinkedIn as a work-related social network where most people are. This could make LinkedIn the leading platform for freelance services.

LinkedIn's new career-focused platform aims to tap into a small but growing market for websites that connect primarily white-collar professionals such as app developers, accountants, software designers, and marketing professionals with businesses or individuals seeking their services.

What You Need to Do to Find a Remote Job

First, you must be a LinkedIn member. Process your profile, the companies you have worked with before, and the jobs you have done in your profile in detail. Then process the certificates and trainings you received. Here are the key details for a beautiful LinkIn profile:

Connect with Appropriate Career-Driven Profiles.

Again, unlike Social Media, try to connect with well-equipped and effective people who are active in the field you work in, rather than connecting with acquaintances, spouses, friends and relatives. Also, as a very important point, contacting Human Resources Specialists, who also carry out recruitment activities suitable for your field, will enable you to access new job opportunities shared by these people, in addition to candidate searches and job postings.

Prepare a Good LinkedIn Summary

Since your LinkedIn profile tells your experiences and competencies to people who do not know you, a simple but informative summary section that you will create in addition to your work experience will give the most accurate impression about you at first glance to people who view your profile, and will be effective in quickly conveying your career development and goals.

Spend Time on Your Profile.

Your LinkedIn profile is a place to focus and spend time, as it allows you to expand your network and reach the people you want to connect with. Since your profile directly affects your reach on LinkedIn, it should detail your work experience and competencies, and it should be designed to be visible to the people who are looking for candidates on this platform at the maximum level by using keywords suitable for your skills and experiences.

Don't Underestimate the Power of Your Profile Picture.

The photo you use on your LinkedIn profile directly affects the impression that will be formed about you. You should pay attention to all the details from the clothes you wear to the background you use, and make sure you use the photo that will give the best impression.

Follow the Profiles of the Companies You Are Interested In.

Company profiles on LinkedIn will give you more information about companies you're interested in. In this way, if you have connections within the company, you can see them and learn about job opportunities and similar companies. It will be beneficial for you to follow these profiles in order to ensure that the people who manage the recruitment process for that institution can also see you.

Keep Your Profile Updated

It is very important that your profile is always up to date. You should quickly update your profile on changes in contact information or work experience, and make sure that people who will review your profile will see the most up-to-date information.

Use LinkedIn Mobile

By using LinkedIn mobile, you can take advantage of space and time restrictions, and you can get back to your messages and connection requests more quickly.

Specify your Website and Blog Page in Your Profile.

By adding your website and blog page to your LinkedIn profile, you can direct people who want to have more detailed information about you to these channels. You can add similar details that you did not specify on your resume to your LinkedIn profile.

Always Follow.

In addition to having an effective profile, you should be active on LinkedIn and regularly follow messages, posts and announcements. You should know that being active on the platform, responding to messages and using LinkedIn effectively will position you in the 'More Likely To Respond' section of candidate searches.

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