Turkey's Most Comprehensive Earthquake Research Started in Izmir

Turkey's most comprehensive earthquake research started in Izmir
Turkey's most comprehensive earthquake research started in Izmir

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIn line with the target of . Minister Tunç Soyer, stating that there is no reliable data on the seismicity of the city until now, “With these studies, we will reach very concrete and clear information about the seismicity of İzmir. Thus, we will determine how this city should be built in the next century.”

Studies have been initiated within the scope of the protocol signed by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality with İzmir Institute of Technology, METU and Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University for seismicity research and soil behavior modeling in order to make the city more resistant to disasters. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyerwith the seismicity survey, which will examine the fault lines on the sea and on the land, which have the risk of affecting the city. Bayraklıexamined the work that will enable the modeling of the soil structure and soil behavior characteristics of an area of ​​approximately 10 hectares within the borders of Bornova and Konak.

Chairman, who participated in the applications initiated at sea and on land for Turkey's most comprehensive earthquake research and microzonation survey project. Tunç Soyer First, by entering the paleoseismological research ditch in Narlıdere, Paleoseismology Coordinator Prof. Dr. He received information from Erhan Altunel. Stating that the works are exciting, Mayor Soyer said, “We are at a moment where the most important steps are taken for the future of this city. It will be a study in which the century of the city will be planned and that planning will sit on a solid ground. This work is a very important milestone for İzmir.” Erhan Altunel also stated that they will conduct investigations on nearly 100 fault zones in an area within a 40 kilometer radius that references the city center of İzmir.

Buildings will be given safety cards.

President Soyer then sailed from Üçkuyular to the Gulf by sailing to the Gulf, inspecting the drilling works that continued about two and a half kilometers offshore, and Marine Research Coordinator Assoc. Dr. Ulaş got information from Avşar. Soyer said, “The October 30 earthquake showed that the top priority of this city is to become a resilient city. In other words, people living in this city live in a sense of security. Being safe in the apartments they live in. Our experiences have revealed that this is our top priority. We pondered over what needs to be done to create this sense of trust. Within the scope of this study, we first signed a protocol with the Chamber of Civil Engineers for the construction inventory study. BayraklıOur study to measure the earthquake safety of 33 independent units in Turkey is almost complete. We are able to give each of them a security card. But we started a much bigger study with the participation of 100 universities and 10 academicians under the leadership of METU. It is the first study in Turkey, and it is a study that has very few examples in the world.”

“We will reach concrete information about İzmir's seismicity”

Stating that a comprehensive map of İzmir's seismicity has not been drawn before, Mayor Soyer stated that such a comprehensive study has been carried out for the first time. Soyer said, “With these studies, the tsunami and seismic movements of the city will be evaluated, the active faults will be determined, and the last time they were activated will be measured. Until now, we did not have reliable data on this subject. We will reach very concrete and clear information about İzmir's seismicity. Thus, we will have the opportunity to answer more vital questions about how this city should be built in the next century, where it should be built, and what should be paid attention to while building it.” Noting that this is a very historical work for Izmir, Soyer said, “It will perhaps be a work that will save the next century of the city. I think that the successful results not only for İzmir but also for the whole of Turkey and the world will be an exemplary model.”

Faults will be mapped

Faults on the area determined within a radius of 100 kilometers in İzmir will be mapped. The trench paleoseismological system, which is used all over the world, is used in land earthquake research. After examining the samples to be taken from the trenches to be opened on the fault routes on land, the potentials of earthquake generation for these fault zones will be revealed. In the Karada Trench Paleoseismology study team, Prof. Dr. Erdin Bozkurt, Prof. Dr. F. Bora Rojay, Prof. Dr. Erhan Altunel, Prof. Dr. Serdar Akyuz, Prof. Dr. Caglar Yalciner, Assoc. Dr. Taylan Sançar, research assistants Taner Tekin, Tolunay Acer, Erbe Nur Atlı.

Drilling in the sea

The drilling platform belonging to METU by the METU Marine Paleoseismology Research team has also started drilling in the Gulf. Within the scope of the studies, cores will be taken from the seabed for analysis. Thus, evaluations can be made not only on the paleoseismological effect of earthquakes, but also on paleotsunami and paleo landslides that develop in loose material on the seafloor. The Marine Paleoseismology study team also included Assoc. Dr. It consists of Ulaş Avşar and research assistants Akın Çil, Hakan Boray Okan and Kaan Onat.

For an earthquake safe city

After the earthquake that took place on October 30, 2020, with the participation of academicians from various universities, representatives of stakeholder institutions and organizations in disaster management, district municipalities, professional chambers and non-governmental organizations in order to make Metropolitan İzmir a safe city against earthquakes and to create the road map to be followed, 11- Organized “İzmir Earthquake Common Mind Meeting” on 13 March 2020. Emphasizing the importance of taking risk-reducing and protective measures as soon as possible at the meeting, it was suggested that the seismicity survey of the city be completed immediately, and the soil structure and behavioral characteristics should be determined.

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