EGİADY and Z Generation Evaluation from

Evaluation of generations y and z from egiad
Evaluation of generations y and z from egiad

While employers are accustomed to working with the Y generation who have left their mark on the business world with their freedom-loving, selective and authority-defying views, the world of economy has now entered a new era with the z generation. Generations Y and Z, who make up nearly 60 of all employees, rolled up their sleeves to prepare the whole world for a digital generation from birth. 40 percent of its members are generation y and z EGİAD also hosted Deloitte Private Leader Özgür Öney and Deloitte Human Management Services Leader Cem Sezgin at the “Generation Y and Z in Business” Meeting and evaluated the issue.

The majority of its active members are formed by the y and z generations. EGİAD Aegean Young Businessmen Association focused on the subject in order to understand the expectations and demands of its new generation members. Examining the differences between generations due to the fact that people's perspective on the world changes according to the years they were born and grew up. EGİADstarted working to prepare the business world for the new generation of business people.

The COVID-19 Pandemic Could Be an Opportunity to Transform the World for Generations Y and Z

Emphasizing that the environment of uncertainty that the world is facing in many respects with the effect of the COVID-19 epidemic, it has increased the awareness of responsibility by closely affecting the Y and Z generations. EGİAD Chairman of the Board of Directors Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer said, “Generation Y and Z feel responsible for political uncertainties, discrimination and climate change. Members of these generations have long argued that something can be done for social change, and they now think that the world is at an important point for this. They think that it is their responsibility to direct the change that will result in a more equitable and sustainable world and they want to do their part. We all know the general statements about the Z generation; they are independent, they are free, nothing is impossible for them,” he said.

Generation Z Wants to Write Their Own Entrepreneurship Stories Instead of Working in Family Businesses

Pointing out that the dream of the majority of the Z generation is to draw their own adventures, not to run their family businesses, Yelkenbiçer emphasized that entrepreneurship has emerged as a rising value in this generation, and said, “Instead of looking at these determinations with a critical eye, maybe entrepreneurship, agility, extraordinary technology skills and the environment they have. It would be appropriate to approach it through values ​​such as awareness.”

EGİADYelkenbiçer, who stated that the y and z generations constitute the majority of the active members of the Association, reminded that it is important to understand the new generation members for the development of the association.EGİADAs it is known in Turkey, the transition from active membership to honorary membership begins at the age of 47. Although our honorary members are with us in every activity and show us the way, the right to vote and be elected ends after the age of 47, in accordance with the statute. In this case, a small part of our active members are from the X generation; most of them are from the Y generation and rapidly increasing our new members are from the Z generation. We attach great importance to new generations and changing ways of doing business. a similar one in the 10-15 year band EGİAD It is of great importance that we produce ideas for a sustainable association with the awareness that all our active members will be the Z generation at the webinar.

Deloitte Private Leader Özgür Öney and Deloitte People Management Services Leader Cem Sezgin shared the Y and Z Generation research conducted by Deloitte. In the presentation, where it was stated that 2020 percent of the business life in 60 was made up of Generations Y and Z, it was emphasized that those who said goodbye to work were Generation X, and those who would be recruited from now on would be Generation Z. It was stated that the main purpose of the Z generation, which has started to dominate the business life, is not to make money, but to work in companies that contribute to the future and the world. In the presentation, where it was also stated that the pandemic affected the way of doing business, it was noted that 22 thousand white-collar workers left the country as of the date of the onset of health problems and that the first to go were the X Generation. It was stated that the rate of those seeking asylum in Germany from Turkey was 2016 percent in 17, with a leap in recent years reaching 2018 percent in 48.

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