İsmail Demir: We Will Be One of the Leading Countries in Unmanned Warplanes

İsmail Demir, we will be one of the leading countries in unmanned warplanes.
İsmail Demir, we will be one of the leading countries in unmanned warplanes.

Answering Journalist Mehmet Acet's questions about the point the Turkish defense industry has reached in the Başkent Kulisi program of Kanal 7 TV, President of Presidency Defense Industry Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir made important statements regarding the Unmanned Combat Aircraft (MİUS) project.

İsmail Demir stated that the LHD Anadolu ship was equipped for the original usage concept on the one hand, and equipped to perform missions with UAVs on the other. Reminding that there are studies on unmanned warplanes from the USA, England and Europe, İsmail Demir also underlined that there is no solution that can be used in the field at the moment. In line with the capabilities of the Turkish defense industry, İsmail Demir stated that we will be among the leading countries in the field of unmanned warplanes, as in the case of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Combatant Unmanned Aircraft System (MIUS)

On 20 July 2021, Baykar Defense social media account is on Twitter. Combat Unmanned Aircraft System (MIUS) shared the conceptual design images of his project.. Baykar Defense Technical Manager Selcuk Bayraktar, MIUS After sharing the conceptual design images of his project, he published a short video on his official twitter account on questions from social media..

Bayraktar stated in the published video that they have dreamed of the Unmanned Combat Aircraft (MIUS) project for more than 12 years and that their work has accelerated recently as AKINCI started mass production and matured.

“We are sharing the ongoing conceptual designs of this project we have developed. It is currently carrying out development studies in this field around the world. It is predicted that unmanned warplanes will change the concept of air combat, just like our SİHAs, and will replace the 5th generation warplanes in the future. Just like Bayraktar TB3, we run our MİUS project entirely with our own resources.

MİUS will operate at a cruising speed close to the speed of sound. The next prototypes will be supersonic, going above the speed of sound. It will have close to 1.5 tons of ammunition and useful load capacity. It will be able to carry Air-Air, Air-Ground smart missiles and cruise missiles. The radar will be able to carry its ammunition inside the hull so that it has a low-visible design. In missions where radar invisibility is not at the forefront, they can also have their ammunition under the wing.”

MİUS will be able to land on the ship with the help of catch cables and hooks.

Another important aspect of MIUS that will be different from other developed prototypes and will create a large force multiplier is that it will be able to land and take off from short-runway ships in the TCG Anadolu class. Bayraktar, who said that they aim to get rid of TCG Anadolu without the help of a catapult, continues in the video.

“With the help of catch cables and hooks, he will be able to land on the ship. In the design of our aircraft, what distinguishes it from other unmanned warplanes in the world is its vertical tails and horizontal control surfaces, which we call the canard, in the front. Thanks to these control surfaces, it will have aggressive maneuverability. Thus, it will be able to autonomously perform avoidance, avoidance and close combat maneuvers thanks to the artificial intelligence computers we have developed. I think it will break new ground in air combat with all the advantages of unmanned combat, smart fleet autonomy and cost-effectiveness. Our goal is to make the first flight of our MIUS prototype in 2023. I would like to emphasize again an issue that I mentioned before and which is the key to the success of our SİHAs in the world. We must prepare for the races of the future today and try to be a leader wherever the world goes… I wish a happy holiday to our nation and the entire Islamic world. Happy Eid-al-Adha.” made statements.

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