The Feet of Karaman Bridge are Rising

the feet of the karaman bridge are rising
the feet of the karaman bridge are rising

The new Karaman Bridge, which was demolished by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality at the end of its useful life, is rising rapidly. Column, pile, beam connection and reinforced concrete works are in progress on the 6 pillars of the bridge, which will increase traffic and pedestrian safety.

Karaman Bridge on Hürriyet Caddesi, which was built in the 1960s and became dangerous for safety as a result of corrosion, was demolished upon the instruction of Mayor Muhittin Insect. The construction of the new modern bridge continues feverishly. When the works carried out by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs are completed, a 8-meter-wide bridge will be built to provide safer transportation for vehicles and pedestrians, instead of the 14.5-meter-wide bridge that was destroyed.


Providing information about the works on the Karaman Bridge, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Head of Science Affairs Department Serkan Temuçin said, “After our President Muhittin Insect gave the order to demolish the old bridge and build a new one, without loss of life and property, we started the work quickly. We demolished the old Karaman Bridge, which had low performance and strength, on August 23 and started the construction of the new bridge. We are erecting the bridge legs,” he said.


Separate operations are underway on each of the 6 legs of the new bridge, which will connect many neighborhoods such as Karatepe, Doyran, Bahti, Cakirlar and Geyikbayırı to the city center. The beams of the two bridge piers have been connected, the columns of one of them have been built, and the piling works are continuing in the other. Another pillar of the bridge was ironed. The formwork will be hammered and concrete will be poured. When the works are completed, a comfortable and safe bridge will be put into service where both pedestrians and vehicles can easily cross.

It is planned that the new Karaman Bridge will be completed by the end of November and opened to traffic.

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