We Recommend Phytotherapy Support for Success in Cancer

We recommend phytotherapy support for success in cancer
We recommend phytotherapy support for success in cancer

Stating that it is important to benefit from phytotherapy along with modern techniques in order to achieve the success we want in cancer treatment, Dr. Şenol Şensoy's article:

We can use phytotherapy in almost all diseases. It is especially important in chronic diseases. Once your hypertension is diagnosed, you have to live with a blood pressure medication for life. This is also the case for diabetes and rheumatic diseases. This is also the case for many degenerative diseases, brain nerve diseases. We can reverse this situation with phytotherapy.

Phytotherapy in Cancer An Important Area

Phytotherapy is a very important treatment method in cancer. Today, we lose one fifth of the people we lose in Turkey to cancer. Of course, there have been great advances in cancer. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy, smart drug applications that have emerged in recent years, hormone therapies, surgical techniques... We have reached a point in the fight against cancer with these methods, but this level does not seem to provide much advantage in losing 5 percent of our people from cancer. Therefore, phytotherapy is a very important field here. Phytotherapy has a complementary and holistic approach to diseases. In the last 20-20 years, there are very serious studies about the molecules of the plants we use in phytotherapy. It has been proven that these molecules have very serious effects on cancer cells.

How Do We Get Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that occurs as a result of DNA damage. What causes DNA damage? We have a standard, routine metabolism in our body. At the same time, some wastes occur in our body. There are mechanisms to dispose of these wastes. But sometimes the elimination mechanisms weaken and the wastes dominate there and cause damage to the cell. Every day, approximately 1 million cancer cells are formed in our body in this way. Our immune system also destroys them. In case our immune system is weakened, the cancer of that organ emerges in whichever organ the cancer formation becomes dominant.

Different Treatment Approaches in Cancer

As treatment approaches, chemotherapy and radiotherapy are aimed at killing cancer cells. But while these treatments kill the cancer cell, unfortunately they also damage our normal healthy cells. Phytotherapy has features that support the modern techniques we use here. Cancer cells sometimes develop resistance to chemotherapy. The treatment is successful for a certain period of time, and the reason for the relapses and recurrences is based on this. But when we move forward with phytotherapy, phytotherapy products, that is, medicinal plants, prevent these resistance development mechanisms of cancer cells. In other words, they provide a serious support to the medical treatments we use. They increase their effectiveness. In addition, medicinal plants have lethal cytotoxic properties on cancer cells. But while they kill cancer cells, they do not harm our healthy cells and even support their functions.

Phytotherapy in Preventing the Spread of Cancer

Cancer has ways of spreading. For example, our liver cell cannot say that I am bored here, let me sit in the stomach and work there, the body does not allow such a situation. But if the cancer cell is in the liver, it can infect our other organs through blood, lymphatic drainage or neighborhood, and it continues its tumoral activities by multiplying there again. The modern treatments used do not have anti-metastasis properties. Medicinal plants also have anti-metastasis properties. Again, cancer cells have self-nourishing properties. There is a mechanism of angiogenesis. They form a network of veins on their ground. They increase the blood supply of that area and thus they grow and multiply faster. Medicinal plants also abolish this angiogenesis mechanism. It prevents the formation of veins in the place where the cancerous tissue is located and contributes to the regression of the cancerous tissue by weakening its nutrition. In this way, phytotherapy is a treatment method that is effective in all pathways of cancer.

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