City and Bay Tours Restarted

city ​​and gulf tours have started again
city ​​and gulf tours have started again

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's free "City and Bay" tours, which bring together women, especially in far-off areas, with the city they live in, have started again after the break during the pandemic period. 545 women participated in the tours held this week.

In İzmir, which has been declared a “Women Friendly City” by the United Nations, work continues within the scope of the gender equality principle of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer. Especially, women in the regions far from the center get to know the city, urban awareness kazanThe "City and Bay" tours, which were organized for the purpose of socializing and participating in social life, started again after the break given during the pandemic period. Free tours organized by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Social Projects Department, Women's Studies Branch Directorate, will join the İzmir Roma Women's Association and the Contemporary Roma Association, as well as Çimentepe, Cengiz Topel, Güneşli, Aziziye, Egekent, Gazi Mustafa Kemal, İzkent, Atıfbey, Alaybey, Yeşil, Ulubatlı. A total of 545 people from the , Ballıkuyu, Yeşildere and Gazi neighborhoods participated. The tours, which are organized two days a week, will last until the first week of October. It is expected that 3 women will benefit from the Gulf tour.

Guided Gulf tour

The women participating in the tour are also given information about the historical and cultural texture of the city of Izmir, accompanied by a guide. Women spend a pleasant day accompanied by music on the 2-hour Gulf tour. The women who will participate in the tour are taken by vehicles from the service building of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Social Projects Department, Women's Studies Branch Office in Ornekkoy, or in front of the neighborhood headmen in the tour program. Applications are made through mukhtars.

Training continues

Continuing its efforts to find solutions to women's problems through the Women's Counseling Center, Women's Shelter, Women's Policies Unit, Key Women's Studies Holistic Service Center, Metropolitan has resumed its "Gender Equality and Awareness" training after the break given during the pandemic period. 200 women from Kiraz, Tire, Bayındır, Konak and Gaziemir districts benefited from the training activities that started in June and were held in one district every week. Women are given training on the topics of "Women's Health", "Women's Rights", "Mechanisms of Violence Against Women", "Safe Relationships with Children", "Breathing Exercise" and "Safe Place Studies". After the training, women are included in the travel program.

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