Izmir City Theaters Open the Curtain on October 1

izmir city theaters opens the curtain in october
izmir city theaters opens the curtain in october

Izmir City Theater takes its place on the stage after 70 years. Established with the vision of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer to make Izmir a city of culture, Izmir City Theaters is making a glorious start with the premiere of Azizname, one of the most important plays in Turkish theater history, on 1-3 October.

Izmir City Theater, which was established with the vision of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer to make Izmir a universal center of culture and arts, opens the curtain on October 70, after a 1-year hiatus. One of the most important plays in Turkish theater history, Azizname, adapted and directed by Yücel Erten, the General Art Director of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters (İZBBŞT), will be held at İzmir State Opera and Ballet Alhamra Stage between 1-3 October. The Azizname play will meet with the audience of Izmir at Izmir Sanat from October 6, after the gala event, which will last for three days due to the pandemic and limited audience practice.

“We are very proud”

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer stated that they were very excited about the opening of the curtains for the City Theaters and said, “The City Theaters, which İzmir has been waiting for for many years, have reached the stage of opening the curtain. We are very proud. We set out to create a climate in İzmir that not only consumes but also produces in seven branches of art, and that will enable new schools to emerge. City Theaters is a very important building block for this goal.”

“We will keep his memory alive”

Mayor Soyer, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters Advisory Board Member and Art Communication Director Prof. Dr. He also stated that the death of Hülya Nutku caused deep sadness and said, “Our teacher Hülya, who has devoted her life to theater, is a very important and valuable person who contributed to the establishment of İzmir City Theatres. He contributed at every stage and was with us. We wish so much that he saw a 70-year-old dream come true and that he be with us at the gala… But we will keep his memory alive by keeping the curtains of İzmir City Theaters open.”

1946 to present

City Theatres, which started in 1946 under the management of theater, film actor and director Avni Dilligil, and ended its four-year adventure, were tried to be brought back to life from time to time, but the attempts were unsuccessful. In 1989, Prof. Dr. Özdemir Nutku City Theaters brought its name back to city life. kazantried to climb. However, these efforts only survived for two years with the Mobile Truck Theater application.

City Theaters, which is among Tunç Soyer's election promises, was announced with the announcement on 27 March World Theater Day. City Theaters, whose logo was determined by the competition, formed its staff after a careful examination process. İzmir City Theatres, in the words of Yücel Erten, opens the curtain in October, “according to the tradition of the theatre”.

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