5 Million Fire Brigade Service Building Investment from OSB

million-dollar fire service building investment from osb
million-dollar fire service building investment from osb

The Fire Brigade Service Building, which can intervene in a possible fire in Pancar, Yazıbaşı, Ayrancılar and industrial establishments in the region, will be built by Pancar OIZ. The project cost of the service building, built on an area of ​​3 square meters, will be 500 million TL.

Pancar Organized Industrial Zone (OSB) puts an end to the Fire Brigade Service Building problem, which has been among the biggest demands of manufacturers in Torbalı in recent years. The fire station located in the district center and Çaybaşı was losing a lot of time in responding to a possible fire or incident in the Ayrancılar, Yazıbaşı and Pancar regions, where approximately 70 people live. With the initiatives of Mahmut Ünlüsoy, Chairman of the Board of Pancar OSB, the first step was taken to build a fire station on an area of ​​3 square meters within the OIZ. After the completion of the fire station, the foundation of which was laid yesterday, it will be transferred to the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. With the completion of the station and its activation, it will not be too late to intervene in possible events in the region. Chairman of the Board of Directors Mahmut Ünlüsoy, Chairman of the Entrepreneur Committee Abdulvahap Olgun and members of the board of directors attended the groundbreaking ceremony.


The groundwork was laid yesterday for the fire station to be built in Pancar OSB, which covers an area of ​​1 million 500 thousand square meters and contains 101 industrial parcels. Stating that one of the two deficiencies in Pancar OIZ will be completed, Pancar OIZ Chairman of the Board Mahmut Ünlüsoy said, “As OIZ, we had two problems. One was the fire station that would intervene in a possible event, and the other was the highway connection exit. We have obtained the necessary permits for the highway exit. This request will be fulfilled by solving the problems in zoning. We also took the necessary step for the fire station. Right after we took office, we went to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with the offer of 'We will build the facility and hand it over to you'. Our offer was accepted. Our fire station, which can accommodate 4 vehicles, will be ready by the end of the year. This station, which will cost approximately 5 million liras, will not only serve the OIZ, but also this region where approximately 70 thousand people live. I would like to thank the Pancar OIZ Entrepreneur Committee and the Board of Directors, who stood by us and supported us in this process.”


At the groundbreaking ceremony, Abdulvahap Olgun, President of Torbalı Chamber of Commerce, who is also the Chairman of the Pancar OIZ Entrepreneur Committee, received a promise of support from the President Ünlüsoy and the contractor construction company for the strike they started. In the last two years; Stating that there was an 85 percent increase in cement, a 137 percent increase in iron and a 97 percent increase in concrete, Olgun had led the way in stopping the construction works for 15 days against the iron, cement and concrete cartel. Stating that Pancar OIZ will also participate in this action, Olgun said, “As Pancar OIZ, we are constructing a Fire Brigade Service Building that will appeal to the region. We thank our Chairman Mahmut Ünlüsoy, the board of directors and the enterprising committee. Our OSB has become the star of the region. As you know, as of Saturday, we are stopping the structures to draw attention to the increasing costs. From the contractor company between 25 September and 5 October; We received a promise to stop the construction against the iron, cement and ready-mixed concrete cartel.”

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