Hyundai Rotem in the Tender of Armored Vehicle of the Malaysian Army

hyundai rotem in the armored vehicle tender of the malaysian army
hyundai rotem in the armored vehicle tender of the malaysian army

Hyundai Rotem participates in the project of replacing wheeled armored vehicles of the Malaysian Army with the K806 6X6 wheeled armored vehicle. Malaysian Army; It started a new generation wheeled armored vehicle project to replace Sibmas and Condor wheeled armored vehicles. According to Army Recognition, 400 armored vehicles should be ordered from the Malaysian Army within the scope of the project. There are 1970 Belgian-made Sibmas 186×6 and 6 Condor 316×4 armored vehicles put into service at the end of the 4s in the inventory of the Malaysian Army.

Sibmas; It has a combat weight of 14,5 tons, can carry 14 soldiers, including the crew, and is equipped with a 90 mm low-pressure gun. Condor, on the other hand, has a weight of 12 tons in case of war with 12 soldiers. Also the Malaysian Army; 257 AV8 8×8 vehicles developed over PARS, 267 tracked armored Turkish-made ACV-300s (FNSS ACV-15 Adnan) and 111 South Korean production vehicles, developed with the partnership of Turkey (FNSS) and Malaysia (DEFTECH). It uses the K-200.

Within the scope of the SIBMAS and Condor wheeled armored vehicles exchange project, the testing and evaluation of the competing companies were carried out in Gwangju and Changwon. Evaluation results are expected to be announced in February 2022. The 6×6 wheeled armored vehicle tender and the project to introduce the pioneering vehicle concept of 36 4×4 light armored vehicles are carried out in parallel.

Hyundai Rotem; Although its strongest rival is Turkey-based FNSS, it competes with Canadian and Indonesian armored vehicle manufacturers. A feature of the Malaysian Army's wheeled armored vehicle contract is that if an overseas company is chosen, provided that it is domestically produced, the company will be a subcontractor.

The K806 6×6 can reach a maximum speed of 11 km/h with 100 soldiers. It has Armored Combat Vehicle with 30 mm 2-man turret, Medical Evacuation Vehicle and Mobile Weapon System (MGS) with 90 mm gun. The power package of the K806 developed by Hyundai Rotem; It is a combination of a 420 hp Hyundai H420 engine tuned for military use and a ZF automatic transmission (7 forward gears, 1 reverse gear).

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