Speedway GP Race To The Grand Finale

speedway gp race to grand finale
speedway gp race to grand finale

Speedway GP, the dirt race series of the International Motorcycle Federation FIM, consisting of 11 legs in total and watched with interest all over the world, will continue with the ninth leg of the championship, which will be held on Saturday, September 11 at the Vojens Speedway Center in Vojens, Denmark.

In the early 1900s, speedway emerged with races on oval tracks on the ground, right after mankind created the motorcycle by attaching a motor to a bicycle.

Although the idea was first suggested by the American racer Don Johns, the Speedway continued its development with races in New Zealand, Australia and England. Don Johns was the first rider to slide the motorcycle into corners on the ground. He showed this talent in many festivals, fairs and special shows. In the early 1920s, Johns' style of panning began to spread throughout the United States, and the first Speedway race was held on October 15, 1923, at the West Maitland Fair. The noise of motorcycles gathered the crowd to the side of the track, and New Zealand-born entrepreneur John Hoskins decided to spread the idea.

After success in Maitland, they met in 1924, this time for a fair in Newcastle. Here, too, the interest of the audience was very impressive. Thereupon, John Hoskins founded and headed the Speedway Newcastle company. The first race organized by the company was in Newcastle and the number of spectators was recorded as 42.000. That figure was one-third of Newcastle's population.

After the World Championship races that started in 1936, this series turned into the Grand Prix format in 1995 and reached more spectators and drivers. Speedway also turned into a big market with leagues held in countries such as England, Poland, Sweden and Denmark. Unlike other motorsports, Speedway, which keeps technology behind the tradition, has no electronic support and digital elements on motorcycles. In Speedway Grand Prix, which uses all mechanics and analogues, the differences are revealed by the motorcycle settings minimized, the driver's ability and the tire used.

Speedway GP in Denmark this weekend

Anders Thomsen, who took the podium in the previous race, the Russian Grand Prix, and Leon Madsen, one of the young names of the series, will appear before their own audience at their own home. But all eyes will be on Bartosz Zmarzlik and Artem Laguta, the top two places in the championship, with only three points between them. While names such as Fredrik Lindgren and Maciej Janowski are expected to be partners in the fight for the summit, the Vojens Speedway Center, with a capacity of 14.000 spectators, is expected to be full.

ANLAS Dominion in the Championship

The efforts of the engineers of Turkish tire manufacturer Anlas for the last three years in the Speedway championship, which is known as the crazy struggle of motorcycles without brakes on the dirt ground, bears fruit in the 2021 season. Eight races have been run so far in the 2021 season at the Speedway Grand Prix, where Anlas racing tires, all developed by Turkish engineers, are one of the serial sponsors.

At the end of the eight races, there is a very serious struggle between Bartosz Zmarzlik, who is the leader in the championship with 139 points, and Anlas driver Artem Laguta, who is in the second place. Artem Laguta narrowed the gap to one after winning at home, followed by Fredrik Lindgren with 108 points, Emil Sayfutdinov with 105 points and Maciej Janowski with 91 points. All 1 pilots who competed in the FIM Speedway Grand Prix, which will end with the double race on October 2–16, preferred Anlas tires, demonstrating their confidence in the brand.

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