Hyundai Produced a Safety Robot with Boston Dynamics

hyundai produced a security robot with boston dynamics
hyundai produced a security robot with boston dynamics

Hyundai Motor Group continues its breakthrough in robot technologies with the security robot project. Developed with Boston Dynamics, the robot will be used in the security departments of factories. The security robot will allow remote monitoring of industrial areas with its artificial intelligence.

Hyundai Motor Group bought the controlling shares of Boston Dynamics in the past months and made a significant breakthrough in terms of robot technologies. Both companies, which started to reap the fruits of this investment, started to promote their joint projects. Hyundai will facilitate the daily lives of both companies and employees with security robots that can be evaluated especially in industrial areas and factories.

The robots, which have been piloted from the group's factories in South Korea, can detect people and objects around them with integrated thermal camera and 3D LIDAR sensors. Robots, which can monitor high temperature conditions and possible fire hazards, can also detect whether doors are open or closed. Robots with artificial intelligence can log into the company's system over the internet and record photos and videos for activity reports on a daily basis.

In addition to navigating in tight spaces, the quadrupedal robot can also identify blind areas that are difficult to see with the human eye. Applying the group's technologies to Boston Dynamics' Spot robot also gives the robot enhanced autonomy features. The robot, which is compatible with autonomous patrol services in industrial site environments, including task management and vision technology based on deep learning, can thus function in challenging missions that require endurance. The advancement of robotics technologies will bring synergies to the brand's industrial spaces, autonomous vehicles and future Urban Air Mobility (UAM) solutions.

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