Manisa Leader of Turkey with Environmentalist Buses

Turkey's leader with manisa cevreci buses
Turkey's leader with manisa cevreci buses

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which has the largest electric vehicle fleet in Turkey with 22 electric buses in its vehicle fleet, both reduced its carbon emissions to zero and saved 500 thousand liters of fuel annually with electric buses.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Manisa Transportation Services Inc. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which has expanded its fleet with 13 18-meter electric buses within the body of (MANULAŞ), 18 units of 7 meters and 25 electric buses of 2 meters, which were recently included, continues its environmentally friendly services without interruption. Being the province with the largest electric vehicle fleet in Turkey with its 22 electric buses, Manisa sets an example for other provinces with its environment-friendly and fuel-saving features. The electric buses, whose software and design are XNUMX% domestic, received full marks from both citizens and students with new technology services such as USB charging and WIFI. Citizens using electric buses stated that they are very lucky to have an environmentally friendly metropolitan municipality and expressed their satisfaction with the service. Students who came to Manisa from outside the city for university education stated that transportation became easier thanks to electric buses and wanted the number of these vehicles to increase.

“Turkey's largest electric vehicle fleet”

Pointing out that Turkey's most electric buses are in Manisa, MANULAŞ General Manager Mehmet Özgür Temiz said, “As Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, we have Turkey's largest electric vehicle fleet with 22 electric buses. We have the capacity to carry 20 people with each of our 18 120-meter vehicles in our fleet, and 2 people per vehicle with our 25 190-meter vehicles. Under the leadership of our Metropolitan Mayor, Mr. Cengiz Ergün, we make 6 or even 200 trips a day with our electric vehicles throughout Manisa. We travel an average of 1 million 250 thousand kilometers per year. Our electric buses provide an advantage over other buses because of their low floor, being suitable for our disabled citizens, being sensitive to the environment, as well as the Wi-Fi internet connection we offer to our citizens, the possibility to charge their phones and tablets with USB charging, and the voice announcement system.”

“Carbon emissions have decreased to zero”

Pointing out that carbon emissions have decreased to zero with electric buses, Temiz said, “23 percent of carbon emissions originate from transportation vehicles, according to the statements made by the World Health Organization. Thanks to our newly purchased electric buses, we have reduced our carbon emissions to zero for the 1 million 250 thousand kilometers we cover annually. We are doing our best for a livable Manisa, a livable world”. Noting that the convenience of operating costs is one of the advantages of using electric buses when they look at fuel costs, Temiz said: “While the operating cost of a 25-meter bus is 75 kurus per kilometer, the average cost of a diesel bus of the same size is 3 TL. If we had done the 1 million 250 thousand kilometers we have done in a year with diesel vehicles under normal conditions, we would have made a carbon emission of 3 thousand tons. But we have reduced this to zero with electric vehicles. We would need 50 trees every day to be able to filter out this carbon emission made by diesel vehicles.”

Fuel savings of 500 thousand liters per year

Underlining that they save 500 thousand liters of fuel per year thanks to the electric buses included in the vehicle fleet of MANULAŞ, Temiz said, “We started operating at our construction site and charging station together with our electric bus fleet. We can charge 22 of our electric buses at the same time. Our vehicles are recharged in a 4-hour period and have mobility up to 250 kilometers. We travel 6 or even 200 trips and 3 kilometers a day with our electric buses. We have done 500 million 1 thousand kilometers on an annual basis. If we had built this road with diesel vehicles, we would need 250 thousand liters of fuel. Since we choose electric vehicles, we do not pollute the nature due to both this fuel cost and zero carbon emissions.”

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