Ankara Public Bread Mobile Bakery is on the Road Again

ankara folk bread mobile oven is on the road again
ankara folk bread mobile oven is on the road again

Ankara Public Bread Factory's “mobile” bakery with a daily production capacity of 12 thousand will serve by traveling around the city. Yenimahalle has suspended its promotional production due to the coronavirus epidemic. KarşıyakaHalk Bread Factory, which has restarted from Turkey, aims to deliver healthy, high quality and affordable 250-gram breads produced under hygienic conditions to wider masses. The mobile bread oven goes around town by district, showing the people of the capital city the bread production process live.

Finally, the Metropolitan Municipality Public Bread Factory, which produces hot bread with a mobile bread oven for the citizens who were victims of the Elazig, Izmir and Kalecik earthquakes and the flood disaster in the Cide district of Kastamonu, restarted its promotional production throughout the city, which was interrupted due to the pandemic.

Aiming to show the people of Ankara how bread is produced in Halk Bread Factory with a mobile oven, in line with the principle of "transparency", and to deliver 250 grams of bread produced under hygienic conditions to wider masses, Halk Bread Factory tours the district with the mobile oven.


Yenimahalle to bread production and promotion with mobile bread oven Karşıyaka Stating that they started from the Neighborhood Market and that they took the hygiene measures in the factory to the highest level during the pandemic process, Halk Ekmek General Manager Dr. Hüseyin Velioğlu gave the following information about the promotional attack:

“The people of Ankara can eat all of our bakery products, especially our bread varieties, with peace of mind. We started this practice to transparently show the people of Ankara how our high quality, hygienic and reliable breads are produced in our factory. Our mobile oven hit the road again a year later. We allow our citizens to see live how the normal breads of 419 grams, which we sell at Başkent Markets, Başkent Buffets, our dealers and 250 Halk Bread kiosks, are produced in the districts and districts we will determine for promotional purposes. Our R&D unit, which consists of expert food engineers, is constantly working to increase the variety and quality of bread and pastry products, while we aim to increase the brand value with our motto of 'production and abundance'. We sell our bread, which we produce for promotional purposes, to the citizens through our Halk Ekmek kiosks.”


The people of Başkent, who stated that they can reach the bread they love to consume more easily thanks to the mobile oven, and who had the opportunity to watch live the stages of bread production, expressed their satisfaction with the application with the following words:

-Satı Caliskan: “It tastes very good. Hygienic and reliable. That's why we always prefer Halk Ekmek. We thank you."

-Hasan Örmez: “Halk Ekmek's breads are very satisfying, economical and affordable. Thank you very much for providing quality service.”

Günceleme: 24/09/2021 13:38

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