Multi-Rotor Kamikaze UAV from ASELSAN and ROKETSAN

Multi-rotor Kamikaze UAV from Aselsan and Rocketsan
Multi-rotor Kamikaze UAV from Aselsan and Rocketsan

In the 110th issue of ASELSAN Magazine; The statement regarding the kamikaze UAV studies carried out by ASELSAN and ROKETSAN drew attention.

It is stated that in the "Strike Multi-Rotor UAV System" project, which is stated to have been developed by ASELSAN engineers, it is stated that the user enters the target / coordinate information or the targets determined by taking real-time images as a result of the surveillance activities are aimed to be neutralized with the warhead integrated into the system.

In the magazine, it was announced that within the scope of the project carried out by ASELSAN and ROKETSAN, studies were carried out for a UAV with a total weight of approximately 3,5 kilograms, to carry approximately 15 kilograms of ammunition with different warheads. Regarding the product, “It is evaluated that the developed Striking UAV can be used by our security forces in the conditions required by the country's survival, especially in the fight against terrorism.” information was included.

Kamikaze UAV in our country

STM is currently working on circulating ammunition and the kamikaze UAV as a striking UAV. As a result of the studies, ALPAGU and KARGU kamikaze UAVs were developed. KARGU, developed by STM, was used in areas such as Azerbaijan and Libya, as well as terrorist operations in Turkey.

Developed by ASELSAN and ROKETSAN, the product appears to be a larger version of the STM KARGU, which weighs 7.4 kg and has a 1.3 kg warhead. Kamikaze UAVs are used in different sizes and types for different purposes, as in many other areas. After the conflicts in Azerbaijan, the interest in kamikaze UAVs continues to increase exponentially. Kamikaze UAVs in different classes are important both for Turkey's own needs and for export activities.

In addition, a much longer range kamikaze UAV with warheads around 20-30 kg is being carried out under the main contractor of VESTEL Defense. No development has been shared for a long time regarding the project named "KARGI".

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