Izmir's Old Buses Are Not Scrapped, They Are Becoming Cafes

Izmir's old buses are not junk, they are cafes
Izmir's old buses are not junk, they are cafes

The buses, which have provided transportation services in the city for years but are not used now, are being converted into cafes by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The 'Driver Cafe', the first example of which ESHOT teams worked hard and created with their own resources, was introduced to the people of Izmir at the 90th IEF. Citizens, who will benefit from the cafes to be placed in the transfer centers, together with the drivers, showed great interest in the project.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality took action to put the ESHOT buses, which had shouldered the transportation burden in the city for years but are not used now, into service with the transformation realized in their own workshops, with the “Driver Cafe” project. Within the scope of the decision taken for the buses to be scrapped, the drivers will be able to spend time and the citizens will be able to benefit from the service in the cafes that will be placed in the transfer centers in İzmir with a dense circulation. The first exemplary cafe prepared by the team within ESHOT was introduced to the citizens at the 90th Izmir International Fair (IEF). The project, which was presented to the visitors, attracted great attention. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer As part of the fair tour, he visited the Chauffeur Cafe and met with both the drivers and the citizens sitting in the cafe. sohbet He.

It will be located at 5 transfer points

Izmir's old buses are not junk, they are cafes

While the recycling decision was taken for the buses to be given to the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKE) as scrap, the team rolled up their sleeves at ESHOT Gediz Workshop and Heavy Maintenance Facilities, and in a short time, the 1998 model Mercedes branded articulated bus turned into a cafe. While work continues on vehicles that are completely withdrawn from transportation, modernly designed cafes will be placed at 5 transfer points in the new period.

There is also a library

There will be a library, television and air conditioning in the buses with solar energy. İZELMAN A.Ş. to operate the cafes that will serve toast, sandwiches and soft drinks. will undertake. In addition, citizens will experience nostalgia with historical photographs of Izmir. According to the region where the cafes are located, district-specific photographs will also be selected. It is also aimed to provide internet service in the 'Driver Cafes'.

This team does

ESHOT Deputy General Manager Kerim Özer, giving information about the first sample cafe, said, “This bus is a bus that has worked for ESHOT for years. We saw that our drivers had problems at the transfer stations. Our President when it was scrapped Tunç SoyerWe said to 'What if we did something like this?' we said. Since our president is an innovative person, he approved us and paved the way for us. ESHOT is a 78-year-old organization, it has a great infrastructure. There is nothing he cannot do, given the opportunity.”

Project of all of us

Izmir's old buses are not junk, they are cafes

The design and design of the first sample vehicle was made by ESHOT employees Uygar Soylu and Cengiz Cömert. Uygar Soylu said, “We worked hard with our friends, we worked hard, we turned our efforts into art. I hope we will do better projects”, while Cengiz Cömert said, “This project is the project of all of us. Everyone contributed. We did not expect such a positive response, we thank everyone who contributed.”

union satisfied

Engin Topal, Head of the Izmir Branch No. 1 of the Genel İş Union, said, “It has been a wonderful project. In many places, our drivers did not have places to sit and drink tea. Found a great solution. Our chauffeur friends will now be able to drink their hot tea in cold weather. Work is something ESHOT laborers put forth. We have a workshop of about 80 years. It used to be a place where buses were manufactured. I hope he comes back. I think it will increase the yield,” he said.

Features of Chauffeur Cafe

Izmir's old buses are not junk, they are cafes

Energy production in the vehicle is provided by a smart hybrid inverter with a power of 5 kilowatts. The electrical needs of the air conditioners, refrigerator, television, satellite system, sockets that can charge 12 phones at the same time, on-board computer, interior and exterior lighting system, and the tea room are met. The upholstery of the cafe consists of quilted leather.

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