End the Battery Discharge Problem in Vehicles with Regular Use

Do not be afraid of running out of battery with regular use
Do not be afraid of running out of battery with regular use

During and after the pandemic period, the battery discharge problem has become a frequently experienced situation in vehicles that are parked in garages or used very little.

Against this situation, which prevents the cars from working, the vehicles should be started at least once a week and kept in working condition for 15-20 minutes.

The electrical components of the vehicles work with batteries. Battery discharge is one of the most common problems in vehicles that are not operated for an average of 10-15 days. If the battery is flat, the starter motor cannot start the vehicle. There are two different practices that need to be done to prevent this situation. The first of these is to run the vehicle for 10-15 minutes, at least once a week. Keeping the vehicle running where it is, prevents battery discharge. Secondly, it is necessary to remove the battery caps and disconnect the battery from the vehicle.

New model vehicles should not be pushed

If the battery of the vehicle is discharged after a long period of inactivity and the vehicle is a new model, it should not be started by pushing. This can damage the electronics in new generation vehicles. If the battery backup is not performed, the authorized service must be called.

However, driving the vehicle until the alternator fully charges the battery contributes more to the charging of the battery. If the battery is struggling when the starter is pressed, it is of great importance to clean the battery terminals to increase performance.

OSRAM offers the solution

With the BATTERYstart 400 product developed by OSRAM, there is no need for a jumper cable and any other tool to start the vehicle whose battery is dead. BATTERYstart 400, which offers a compact solution without sacrificing power; It offers ideal use for cars, minibuses and motorcycles. BATTERYstart 2, which has 400 USB ports, allows charging electronic devices while on the go.

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