The Secret to Looking Attractive

the secret of looking attractive
the secret of looking attractive

Medical Esthetician Dr. Biran Ekici gave information on the subject. The greatest gift of medical aesthetics is non-surgical aesthetic applications. Filling applications that do wonders with small touches without going under the knife, without the need for long and painful recovery periods, are always the favorite of those who want to stay young and beautiful.

The chin filling, which allows you to have perfect facial features, makes both women and men smile because the secret of looking attractive is hidden in the jawbone for both women and men.

Medical esthetician Dr. We talked about many other aesthetic details that we do not know about this popular and effective application, which has different names and versions such as Biran Ekici chin filler, chin tip filler, jawline filler:

“Chin fillers are one of our favorite applications because they allow us to eliminate many aesthetic defects such as jowls, skin sagging and deformities on the lower face.

The jawbone is the important line that determines the aesthetic condition of the area between the nose and the neck. We can say that chin filling is the ideal method to create a perfect jawline and a chin that is compatible with facial features.”

What is Chin Filling?

Stating that a different type of filling, which has the ability to imitate bone structures, is applied in the chin filling made with hyaluronic acid filling, which we are familiar with using in soft tissues such as lip filling and cheek filling, Dr. Biran explains exactly what a chin filler is:

“Jaw filling; It covers protocols such as enlarging the jawbone along the jawline, which we call jawline, or filling the gaps in the jawbone due to aging, shaping and clarifying the jaw root, enlarging and highlighting the jaw tip with filling, and reshaping the lower face.

Adult men and women of all ages, who have aesthetic complaints about the chin, jawbone, and chin root and do not prefer to go under the knife, can get rid of these complaints with chin filler applications.

Chin filling is also a hyaluronic acid filling application, but the filler we use for the lips and the hyaluronic acid we use at the tip of the chin or the tip of the nose are not the same materials.

chin filler; It is done in order to sharpen the jaw line, position the jaw tip aesthetically, and create a sharp line at the jaw root. It allows us to achieve rejuvenation on the lower face. It also tightens the skin. Thus, we not only achieve a more attractive face shape, but also achieve an effective lifting and rejuvenation in the lower part of the face.”

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