2021 out of 2 Mercedes-Benz Buses Sold in 1 with Service Contract

Every Mercedes-Benz bus sold in XNUMX has a service contract.
Every Mercedes-Benz bus sold in XNUMX has a service contract.

Mercedes-Benz Türk continues to provide the most accurate services for its customers' needs by meeting their sales and after-sales expectations with "Service Agreements". Within the scope of service agreements, “Extended Warranty Package” and “Maintenance-Wear Packages” are offered to bus owners and companies. These services offer many advantages.

With the Extended Warranty Package, costs can be determined in advance

The Extended Warranty Package is offered for both newly purchased vehicles and buses that are still under warranty and currently in service. Thanks to this package, bus owners and companies have the opportunity to determine the annual repair cost of their vehicles in advance, while ensuring themselves with small monthly payments, against the risk of encountering surprise malfunctions in the future. In addition, it is prevented from being affected by future spare parts and labor increases.

Since the maintenance of the vehicles is carried out at authorized service centers in Turkey with the assurance and quality of original spare parts, the second hand value of the vehicle is also preserved.

Maintenance-Wear packages offer many advantages

Maintenance-Wear Packages are offered to users as two different packages. Thanks to the "Economic Package" and "Basic Package" offered, vehicle owners and companies can choose the package that best fits their budget. Vehicle owners and companies that choose the Economic Package have already planned the 3-year maintenance costs of their buses. In fact, customers who choose the cash or credit purchase option can fix these costs from the current exchange rate to Turkish Lira, while avoiding being affected by the future exchange rate increase and possible spare parts and labor increases. Customers who do not want to pay the entire 3-year maintenance-wear and tear expenses from the beginning are offered the opportunity to pay the cash price in monthly equal installments for 3 years. E.g; Intercity customers who prefer to receive 3 maintenance services for a period of 18 years pay an average of 60.000 TL, including VAT, for maintenance performed every 7.200 km, according to the current exchange rate.

The Basic Package, on the other hand, is a package that includes wear costs such as brake pads and discs, clutch kit and flywheel, drive belts, apart from the Economic Package. Thanks to an additional payment for the maintenance package, advantageous prices for wear coverage can be reached without being affected by possible spare parts and labor increases.

2021 out of every 2 Mercedes-Benz buses sold in 1 has a service contract

2021 intercity and 84 city buses of Mercedes-Benz brand zero kilometer, which were sold in 22, benefited from "Service Contracts". In addition to zero kilometer vehicles, many buses still in service also benefit from these opportunities. E.g; Continuing its activities for 95 years as Turkey's first road transport company, Kamil Koç Buses A.Ş purchased an extended warranty, maintenance and wear package for a total of 44 vehicles that have joined its fleet this year, zero kilometers and are in service. In addition to intercity companies, Havaist company, which carries out airport passenger transportation within the city, preferred “Service Agreements” for the vehicles within its body.

Companies that prefer service contracts with price advantages compared to individual maintenance, protection against surprise failures, higher second-hand value, and the possibility of paying in monthly fixed installments by planning the service expenses that the vehicle will encounter during the period of use, prefer to purchase their vehicles, especially Mercedes-Benz Türk A.Ş. . and by entrusting it to its 26 authorized service centers all over Turkey, it focuses on providing better service to its passengers without worrying about invoice tracking and service costs.

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