Bayraktar AKINCI entered the TİHA Inventory

Bayraktar Akinci Tiha entered the inventory
Bayraktar Akinci Tiha entered the inventory

AKINCI TİHA, whose personnel's training and test flights were completed, entered the inventory of the security forces. Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA (Assault Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), developed by BAYKAR with domestic and national means within the scope of the project carried out under the leadership of the Presidency of Defense Industry (SSB), entered the TAF inventory with a ceremony held on 29 August 2021. 7 AKINCI TİHAs were present at the delivery ceremony area held at Baykar Defense facilities.

With the delivery of Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA, the graduation ceremony of the trainees was held. As it will be remembered, AKINCI TİHA operators made their first flights on 26 April 2021, on 26 April World Pilots' Day. 1000+ sortie training flights were carried out by AKINCI TİHA operators. 1 trainees who completed the 125st Term Bayraktar AKINCI TİHA trainings graduated.

Speaking at the delivery ceremony, Baykar Defense Technology Leader Selçuk Bayraktar said: “Baykar generates more than 70% of its revenues from exports.” said. In his speech, Bayraktar said about the export of Bayraktar TB2 SİHA, “Export contracts were signed with more than 10 countries.” made his statement. Bayraktar TB3 SİHA, which has started to develop with the experience gained from AKINCI TİHA, will meet the sky in 2022 and Combat Unmanned Aircraft in 2023.

In his speech at the ceremony, Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar emphasized the multiplier effect of the SİHAs and ammunition developed by Turkish engineers on the field and said, “The SİHAs developed by Turkey and equipped with its own ammunition are short-lived in the fight against terrorism, in the operations carried out in the north of Iraq and Syria. It has enabled us to achieve significant success in a short period of time. Likewise, Turkish-made weapon systems in Libya and Azerbaijan radically changed the course of the operation.” made statements.

In his speech at the ceremony, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan pointed to the unmanned warplane and said, “We are determined to make Turkey the leading country in the technology of "Unmanned Warplanes". When we achieve this, we will be one step beyond the 5th generation warplanes that we were not given.” made statements.

Speaking at the ceremony, SSB President İsmail Demir made statements regarding the ongoing projects. Demir said, “While we had no domestic air defense system until five years ago, today; Our Korkut, Sungur, Hisar-A+ and Hisar-O+ systems are put into service.” marked the point reached.

Bayraktar Akıncı Attack Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System, domestically and nationally produced MAM-L, MAM-C, MAM-T, Cirit, L-UMTAS, Bozok, MK-81, MK-82, MK-83, Wing Guidance Kit (KGK) )-MK-82 will be equipped with ammunition, missiles and bombs such as TEBER-82 with Teber guidance kit, Gökdoğan, Bozdoğan, SOM-A.

Source: defenceturk

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