Beware of Lubrication in the Abdomen, Legs, Waist and Hip Area!

Pay attention to the lubrication in the abdomen, legs, waist and hip areas.
Pay attention to the lubrication in the abdomen, legs, waist and hip areas.

Expert Esthetician Nefise Yenice gave information about the subject. Cellulite, lubrication and sagging are the most unwanted situations in our body. This situation, which affects our aesthetic understanding and dressing style, develops mostly in the waist, abdomen, hips, legs and arms. Weights concentrated in the abdomen, legs, waist and hips are the accumulation of fat. You can get rid of regional excesses, cellulite problem and sagging in the body with AWT, acoustic wave therapy, which is preferred by many celebrities such as Madonna and has been supported for years.

Awt Acoustic Wave Therapy performs full thickness tissue activation that regulates the skin, subcutaneous adipose tissue, connective tissue, circulatory system, muscles and metabolic system.

By breaking down the excess fat cells formed under the skin, it tightens the connective tissues, regulates the circulatory system, and as a result, cellulite is eliminated and the skin tightens.

AWT Acoustic Wave Therapy Acoustic waves, which we call shock waves that affect 6-12,5 cm under the tissue, take their effect from the sound created by the 25-35 Hz oscillation of the lead in its head and is completely harmless.

It makes the adipose fat cells in the application area become immobile (fixed) and mobile (mobile) and breaks down the free fat radicals and glycerols in the fat cells by revealing them. It is important to consume plenty of water (especially 2,5 liters after the procedure) and to walk for a minimum of 30 minutes so that the broken down and liquefied adipose tissue can be quickly removed from the body. In daily life, it should not go below 2 liters.

Awt acoustic wave therapy does not cause any damage under or on the skin. This provides application comfort in summer and winter. After the procedure, it does not cause problems in sunbathing or sunbathing.

The application is done in the form of cures of 8-10 sessions, 2 days a week is sufficient for application. While performing fat burning with AWT acoustic wave therapy, it also activates collagen production and provides tightening in the tissue.

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