Ankaray Working Between AŞTİ and Sewing House Opened 25 Years Ago Today

Ankaray, who works between Asti and a sewing house, opened years ago today.
Ankaray, who works between Asti and a sewing house, opened years ago today.

ANKARAY Light Rail Operating System, which works between AŞTİ and Dikimevi, was put into the service of Ankara citizens 25 years ago today.

Ankaray, with the public transport code A1 in Ankara, is an 8,5 kilometer metro system serving Ankara, the capital city of Turkey. As of 30 August 1996, when it was opened, it is the oldest high-speed transportation line in Ankara and the second oldest in Turkey after the M1 metro line in Istanbul. One end of the line starts from Ankara Intercity Terminal Operation (AŞTİ) in the southeast of Yenimahalle district of the city and ends at Dikimevi stop in the northeast of Çankaya district and consists of 11 stations. Ankaray, which is a metro line in terms of its characteristics, is classified by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality as a light rail system. The word Ankaray consists of the words Ankara and ray combined. 8.527 meters. Ankaray Light Rail System, consisting of a line length and 11 stations, provides service on an important axis of Ankara city center, between Ankara Intercity Terminal Management and Dikimevi. ANKARAY has the capacity to carry 27.000 passengers per hour in one direction. The Ankaray route was constructed as 215 m at level, 410 m as a cut, 1.757 m as a drilled tunnel, and 4.920 m as a cut-and-cover tunnel.

ANKARAY, which is included in the Ankara Urban Transportation Master Plan (2015), is designed as a Rail Public Transportation System on the Terminal-Beşevler-Tandoğan-Maltepe-Kızılay-Kurtuluş-Dikimevi routes, considering the intense demand in this part of the city center with a modern service and its connection with the newly built Ankara Intercity passenger terminal. has been projected.

Ankara's investment plan for 1990 included the construction of a medium-capacity public transport line. The planned line was examined in a joint meeting attended by the Undersecretariat of Treasury, State Planning Organization, Ministry of Transport and EGO and was accepted at the end of 1991.

The line was planned to start from Söğütözü and pass through Kızılay to reach Dikimevi in ​​the east. It would be possible to transfer to the M1 line going to Batıkent, which was under construction at that time in Kızılay. An eastward extension towards Mamak was considered but never accepted. Construction was started on April 7, 1992 in order to meet the increasing transportation demand of Ankara. Ankaray was completed on 30 August 1996 and opened to service on the AŞTİ - Dikimevi route by the then Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan. Ankaray became the first metro line to be opened after the M1 line in Istanbul, and the second metro line in the country, opening before the M1 line in Ankara and the Fahrettin Altay-Evka 3 line in Izmir.

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Ankaray Route

Ankaray operates on an east-west route of 8,527 km between AŞTİ in Söğütözü and 11 stations in Dikimevi in ​​Çankaya. The majority of the line runs underground, except for the 740-metre (0,460-mile) section between AŞTİ and Emek stations on the westernmost side of the line. The route starts from the AŞTİ stop, opposite the bus terminal, on the east side of Mevlana Boulevard. It then rises to the earth to go to the Emek station, from there it travels 254 meters north to the north of the station. The route turns east to Bahriye Üçok Boulevard and continues under this boulevard, then turns into Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard near Anıtkabir. From Maltepe station, you can reach Ankara Station by leaving the transportation system. The line continues in the east direction, reaching the Kızılay stop. Transfers can be made from the station here to the M1, M2 and M3 lines. After Kızılay, Ankaray route continues under Ziha Gökalp Boulevard until Kurtuluş station. It is possible to transfer from Kurtuluş station to the suburban train line. After the Kurtuluş stop, the route ends at Dikimevi station, which is the eastern terminus, under Cemal Gürsel Boulevard.

Ankaray Stations

  1. ASTI
  2. Emek
  3. Bahçelievler
  4. Besevler
  5. Anatolia – Anitkabir
  6. Malta
  7. Demirtepe
  8. Red Crescent
  9. Rail
  10. Kurtulus
  11. Dressmaker

in Ankaray Ongoing Lines

Söğütözü extension 

A one-station extension is being built from AŞTİ to Söğütözü. With the station to be built next to the Söğütözü Metro Station on the M2 line, transfer to the M2 line will be provided. 

Mamak extension 

On May 15, 2020, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality announced the tender for the line that will extend the Ankaray line from Dikimevi to Natoyolu in Mamak district. An extension of 7,4 kilometers and 8 stations is planned to end at the intersection of Natoyolu Street and Doğukent Street from the Dikimevi stop of the current line. Although this line is coded as the A2 line as if it is a separate line, it is the extension of the existing A1 Ankaray line to the east.

The metropolitan municipality, which received prequalification offers from companies on June 4, 2020, went out to tender on August 11, 2020 as "Ankaray (A1) Dikimevi-Natoyolu Rail System Extension Line Application Project". Tender on October 12, 2020 kazanSignatures were signed with Metro Istanbul, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Also on October 20, 2020 kazanThe site has been delivered to the company at the moment. On January 18, 2021, ground survey and drilling works were started within the scope of the project. 

Construction in Ankaray Planned Lines 

Western extension 

Ankaray, which will extend approximately 5 km from Söğütözü to Middle East Technical University, will consist of two stations, namely Yüzüncü Yıl and METU.

Karapürçek line 

According to the 2018 Address Based Population Registration System data of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), 4-5 more neighborhoods between Karapürçek, Ankara's most crowded neighborhood and Siteler Furniture Industry have become unable to afford transportation. The Metropolitan Municipality, taking into account the situation that the need could not be met, planned a rail system line, passing through Siteler, as the last stop in Karapürçek District, as the first stage.

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