Demand for Private Jets Increased 400 Percent

Demand for private jets increased by percent
Demand for private jets increased by percent

The coronavirus epidemic, which affected the whole world, caused changes in many sectors. In particular, the closing of the doors of countries in the early days of the epidemic brought the movement in the aviation sector to a standstill. With the opening of the border gates, the acceptance of tourists under certain conditions and the resumption of business trips were not enough for the sector to catch up with the success of the previous years. In this context, Mehmet Fatih Pakır, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alfa Holding, pointed out that the private plane rental sector has increased during the pandemic process, and stated that the demand in the sector has increased by 400 percent.


Mehmet Fatih Pakır, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alfa Holding / Alfa Aviation, said, “Demand for private jets has increased tremendously in the coronavirus epidemic that has affected the world. Because it is the type of transportation with the least risk of transmission. The aviation community pays more attention to pandemic conditions than other sectors. Therefore, when you travel from one place to another by private jet, you have no contact with anyone. You do not enter any crowd in the same area as anyone else. Since the landing and boarding sections are different, you do not have to run into anyone, and in this way, we minimize the risk of transmission of the disease. In addition, private jets with cabins for 6-12 people are more advantageous in every respect for those who want to travel with their families. While the planes are disinfected after each flight, regular tests are carried out on the cabin personnel. During the flight, the mask and distance rules are strictly followed.


With the coronavirus, the decrease in the number of those who prefer the scheduled airline has brought about intense interest in private jet charters. Compared to 2019, there was an increase in domestic travels rather than international travels due to the coronavirus. While Bodrum and Dalaman were the most popular destinations in the country, Qatar and Libya were at the top in international flights. At the same time, an increase was observed in the number of international flights in seasonal cities such as Bodrum.

Pointing out that the number of private jet charters has increased by 400 percent, M. Fatih PAKIR said, “In the pandemic period, individuals and companies turned to private planes. In this context, we produce fast solutions in order to fully meet the expectations with our professional team. We act with the understanding of reliable and complete service”.

Günceleme: 30/08/2021 13:40

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