What Causes Low Back Pain During Pregnancy and How to Prevent It?

what causes low back pain during pregnancy and how to prevent it
what causes low back pain during pregnancy and how to prevent it

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Specialist Assoc. Ahmet İnanır gave important information about the subject. Along with pregnancy, many changes occur in the female body. It also manifests itself in some complaints during pregnancy. One of them is low back pain.

Low back pain is a very common complaint during pregnancy. 4 out of every 3 women experience low back pain during pregnancy. After the baby is born, all pain is largely eliminated. There are different factors that cause pain at every stage of pregnancy.

Excessive weight gain during pregnancy and softening of the supporting tissues due to the effect of the increase in progesterone hormone can cause pain in the spine. During pregnancy, low back pain is common, but the cause of these pains is rarely due to herniated disc. There may be an increase in pain or progress in the degree of hernia. Doing light exercises in the first months of pregnancy helps the body get used to pregnancy and provides great benefits in the following months.

Back pain during pregnancy does not necessarily mean there is a hernia!

  • Post-pregnancy pain is often greatly reduced.
  • However, treatment with examination and harmless methods during pregnancy and, if necessary, treatment should continue after birth.
  • It is considered normal to experience pain a few days after birth, depending on the type of delivery.
  • Painkillers are not recommended for pain caused by the needle applied to the waist during spinal or epidural anesthesia in cesarean deliveries. Other methods are considered appropriate.
  • These pains may disappear spontaneously within a few days or weeks.

The back pain experienced years after birth may have nothing to do with these needles! Expectant mothers hold your baby healthily in your arms, the better you take care of yourself during pregnancy, the more beneficial your baby will be, remember!

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