New Renault Arkana Responds to All Expectations

new renault Arkana meets all expectations
new renault Arkana meets all expectations

New Renault Arkana, the first SUV-Coupe to come out of a high-volume manufacturer, is out of the ordinary with its stylish, spacious, sporty, technological and comfortable identity. Pushing the boundaries with energy efficiency and lower CO2 emissions, the new E-TECH 145 hybrid, as well as the 12V micro-hybrid 1.3 TCe 160 gasoline engine, were added. The new engine options coming to the model, which has already found more than 10 buyers in Europe since its launch, will help further this success.

New Renault Arkana, which was launched in Europe last March, now offers maximum driving pleasure with its E-TECH 145 hybrid engine. The model's full hybrid solution, equipped with a 1.2 kWh 230 V battery, provides all the advantages of electrical energy without the need to plug in.


While the SUV-coupe model, which does not compromise on design, width and technology, can reach 80 percent of the driving time in the city in fully electric mode in WLTP standards, the feeling of silence and comfort is remarkable. Depending on the conditions of use, the full electric driving mode range can reach up to 3 km.

Thanks to revolutionary E-TECH technology adapted directly from Formula 1 cars and innovations in automobile aerodynamics, especially the 25 SCX, which is 0,72 percent more efficient than a conventional SUV, New Renault Arkana E-TECH Hybrid is only 4,8 l / 100 km. * consumption and 108 g CO2 / km emission.

Prioritizing quality, Renault Arkana does not compromise on its spaciousness for efficiency. Unique in the C segment, the SUV-Coupe houses the E-TECH hybrid system at the rear axle. Thus, thanks to its compact structure, the internal combustion engine offers the same internal volume as the versions.

The sporty RS line version of the new Renault Arkana has e-shifter gear as standard.

In addition to the E-TECH 145 hybrid engine, Renault Arkana offers the 1.3 TCe gasoline product range with a 12V micro-hybrid system, combining economy, flexibility and driving pleasure. The 140V micro hybrid gasoline product range was added. In this new version, the 12-liter engine delivers 1.3 hp and has a consumption of just 160 l / 5,7km and emissions of 100g of CO130 / km.

This 8V micro-hybrid technology makes a noticeable contribution, reducing average fuel consumption by 2% and CO8,5 emissions by 12%.

Renault Arkana is also available with all TCe 140 and 160 engines with a new feature Sailing Stop function. This function, which can be activated and deactivated by the customer with Multi-Sense (my sense or eco mode), reduces CO30 emissions by another 140 grams by idling the vehicle between 2 and 4 km / h.

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