Use of LPG for Human Health and Environment Should Be Widespread

lpg use should be widespread for human health and environment
lpg use should be widespread for human health and environment

The door to chronic diseases that cause loss of life is opened by breathing polluted air. In the Covid-19 epidemic, the death rate in patients who breathe polluted air is higher. While LPG usage, which is one of the most environmentally friendly fuel types, is rising with increasing environmental awareness, BRC Turkey CEO Kadir Knitting, speaking for the 5 June World Environment Day, said that LPG use is increasing day by day with increasing economic savings measures and the desire to live in a clean world.

According to the data of the World Health Organization, 10 out of 9 people on the planet breathe polluted air. 400 thousand out of every 50 thousand deaths occur due to diseases caused by polluted air without an epidemic. According to scientific research conducted around the world during the Covid-19 epidemic, there is a direct proportion between polluted air and death from Covid-19. Asthma, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases who breathe polluted air die more easily when they catch Covid-19 than people who breathe fresh air and have the same chronic diseases. There is also a direct relationship between air pollution and fossil fuel motor vehicles, the number of which exceeds 2 billion. Solid particles (PM) and carbon emissions from the exhausts of these vehicles create air pollution. Every year, states and interstate institutions take realistic measures that raise targets.


The rule to release 95 grams of carbon dioxide into the air per kilometer, which was implemented this year for a vehicle in the European Union, started. On the other hand, gasoline and diesel fueled vehicles continue to pollute the environment in the continent. In all scientific researches, it is recommended to use environmentally friendly fuel type LPG in order to protect the future. Accordingly, the solid particle emission of LPG is 10 times less than diesel and 30 times less than gasoline. Carbon foot with its features

LPG, which is the most effective solution for reducing its trace, continues to rise in Turkey and in the world. While more than 40 percent of the vehicles in Turkey switch to LPG; One out of every three vehicles sold has an LPG fuel system. Both the increasing environmental awareness and the fact that LPG saves more than 40 percent compared to gasoline and diesel are effective in the increase in the demand for LPG in Turkey.


Noting that environmental factors are better perceived by consumers due to the global epidemic, and the importance of breathing comfortably and clean air has increased due to this epidemic that hits the lungs, Kadir Örücü, the CEO of BRC, said, “Currently, the most accessible and common environmental friendly motor vehicle fuel type is LPG. is All around the world, apart from EU countries, incentives are applied to LPG vehicles in Japan, South Korea, Australia and England because they are environmentally friendly and economical. Although we are the first in Europe and the second in the world in the use of LPG vehicles, no steps have been taken in terms of incentives.


Kadir Örücü, who also noted that the misconceptions of the society regarding LPG usage were replaced by truths over time, said, “The figures show that LPG usage is increasing in Turkey. Consumers are turning to LPG for environmental and economic reasons. As long as the maintenance of LPG vehicles is done routinely like other vehicles, it protects the engine, provides an economical journey and provides high performance. There are no additional maintenance and repair costs for vehicles using LPG. Together with the advanced technology LPG automobile systems, users enjoy a pleasant driving experience by getting full performance from their vehicles for many years. At the same time, and most importantly, knowing that they use the most environmentally friendly fuel, they take a sensitive step for both today and the future.


Emphasizing that LPG, which is supported by worldwide incentive packages with its environmental and economic nature, deserves support in our country, Kadir Örücü said, “LPG provides both environmentally and economical transportation. Turkey ranking first in Europe in the use of LPG cars and ranks second in the world. We believe that LPG should be encouraged to prevent air pollution, global warming and economic loss in our country where autogas is used extensively. ”

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