IMM City Theaters Open Air Summer Games Begin

ibb city theaters open air summer games begin
ibb city theaters open air summer games begin

IMM City Theaters will bring theater audiences from 7 to 77 together at the Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Stage. In the Outdoor Summer Games; Four plays will be staged, namely Pollyanna, Rüstemoğlu Cemal's Strange Story, Antigone and Sick of a Disease. The first play of the series, Pollyanna, will take the stage on Saturday, June 26 at 18.00.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) City Theaters will appear before art lovers with four magnificent plays. The first screening of Pollyanna will be held at the Outdoor Summer Games, where four plays will be staged. Adapted and directed by Binnur Şerbetçioğlu from Eleanor H.Porter's novel of the same name, Pollyanna will be staged at Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Stage on Saturday, June 26, 2021, at 18.00. Tickets for the game are offered for sale at the IMM City Theater box office, address and IMM City Theaters mobile application.

“Open Air Summer Plays” will continue with City Theater's new plays staged during the season. Rüstemoğlu Cemal's Strange Story, Antigone and the Diseased Sick, will meet with the audience at the Harbiye Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Stage.

Pollyanna (7-77 years)

When her mother passed away years ago, Pollyanna, who started to live under the auspices of the charity, receives the news that she has lost her father as well. This lively little girl will live with her Aunt Polly, who is known to be strict and strict. With Pollyanna's arrival at the mansion, the life of everyone around begins to change. Pollyanna, one of the most important works of world children's literature, states that "happiness" can be created even in all kinds of negative situations; ability to come up with solutions kazanHe says that after death, one can look at life with hope.

Adapted and directed by Binnur Şerbetçioğlu from Eleanor H.Porter's novel of the same name; Starring Aslı Menaz, Berk Samur, Destan Batmaz, Dolunay Pircioğlu, Emrah Can Yaylı, Emrah Derviş Soylu, Nazan Yatgın Palabıyık, Onur Şirin, Serap Doğan, Şirin Asutay, Yeşim Mazıcıoğlu, Yılmaz Aydın, Zeliha Bahar Çebi.

The strange story of Rüstemoğlu Cemal

The adventurous journey of a family exiled from their homeland in Crete, in the last days of the Ottoman Empire, to Istanbul, Çanakkale and finally Ayvalık. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad but warm stories of Rüstem, Cemal and other people in their lives. Written and directed by Cengiz Toraman, the play stars Esen Koçer and Levent Üzümcü.


If the indispensable law of the state cannot find its answer in the conscience of the individual, who will burn the double-edged iron held by the power?

In Antigone, adapted from the play of the same name written by Sophocles thousands of years ago; with Antigone, who is determined to make her last mission to her two brothers, who killed each other in the same war, but one was declared a hero and the other a traitor; The stance of Creon, who equates the existence of the state with his own existence, does not back down from his orders.

While all the ancient experiences of humanity are buried in history, “Antigone”, which brings to the stage our unsolved and not lost contradictions, discusses from yesterday to today.

Aslı Menaz, Cengiz Tangör, Destan Batmaz, Gözde İpek Köse, Onur Şirin, Özgün Akaçça and Zafer Kırşan play roles in the play, adapted and directed by Engin Alkan, translated by Sabahattin Ali.


Argan is a sick man. If there is a doctor in the house, I will be treated whenever I want, and he decides to marry his daughter to a doctor, thinking that I will not get a penny out of my pocket. His daughter is in love with someone else. Argan's wife, who loves only his money, is both cheating on him and trying to take everything in her hand. The heart of the extremely intelligent and capable maid of the house, who is aware of everything, will not consent to this situation. Your truth and your love kazanHe does his best for his money. In the play directed by Tolga Yeter, written by Moliere, Ayşecan Tatari, Barış Çağatay Çakıroğlu, Çağrı Büyüksayar, Çiğdem Gürel, Gün Koper, Hüseyin Tuncel, Sevinç Erbulak, Şükrü Türen, Şirin Asutay Ersin Sanver, Besim Demirkıran and Elif Verit take roles.

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